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I am experiencing separation anxiety from my pups. I hope they are okay. What if they are too hot? What if they don’t have water? What if they have to pee?

I miss them ūüė¶

I want my tattoo on my ribs now. It’s too big for my ankle. I’ve heard that ribs are absolutely awful when it comes to pain though. Any comments?

I want Namaste on my foot next summer FOR SURE.

This other one? I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m doing. (Which obviously leads me to believe I should wait.)

I am tempted to save my money though since
1. I don’t know where I want it.
2. I’m scared of pain
3. I feel like I should save the money for yoga school / a nice camera

4. I thought of 3 reasons without much difficulty.

UGHHHH I WANT A TATTOO. At least I have hair feathers?

I would dye my hair or pierce my face but I already pierced my face (see: eyebrow piercing in photos of me) and everyone thinks I’m a bangin’ blonde. #whitegirlproblems

[Currently experiencing that whole tagging thing where I have “tattoo” and “tattoos” #awk]

I’ve been tumbling at work and I really don’t want to do anything. I miss my puppies and my salad at lunch made me super sick and I can’t stop thinking about sushi and the amazing weekend I have planned starting at 6 tonight.

2 more hours.

I am going to try to blog more often. Even if I don’t have pictures or whatever. I found that journaling helps me see how ridiculous I am. Like when I think I’m ugly/fat/stupid etc I think about writing that on my blog.

And I realize, “I don’t believe that at all,” because I wouldn’t announce it to all my readers. [I have readers.. how exciting!]

Fun fact: I freak the hell out whenever I go over 100 views in a day. #dork

I’m going to keep tumbling. Maybe facebook. And mayyyyybe I’ll tutor someone in math (not if I can help it though).




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Day Eight & Nine: Duel Wield

Hello bloggies! I am extremely tired because it is so late so I am going to post some shorts updates, thoughts, and pictures (;

Oats and smoothies. Definition of me.

So remember last week when I said I consulted my wise mind and said I wasn’t ready for a tattoo? Well I think I changed my mind. I want to get a small one the size of a quarter on my ankle. I’ve gotten the “it’s permanent FOREVER AND EVER” lecture from my mom and my friend, Fodes, but I really want one. I feel like this is a meaningful tattoo and something I will always appreciate. Also, I don’t think that it will affect any job prospects in the future or interfere with anything.

Thursday. I think Adam & Cassie are going with me.

Speaking of Cassie I spent the last two days with her, and they were ahhhhmazing. She is truly my best friend. We spend “obnoxiously long periods of time together” (Cassie) and never get sick of each other. It’s great. I feel so good after I’ve been with her and she brings me back down to earth when I need it most.


We watched No Strings Attached, played¬†Nintendo¬†GameCube, went to our friend’s grad party, made banana bread, and made plans to make a music video. Yes, we’re awesome. [speaking of banana bread, check out that recipe tomorrow when I’m not too tired to tell you about it!]

I updated my tumblr a lot as well if you happen to be keeping track of that (;

Tomorrow’s Agenda: breakfast, church, gym, home, play pokemon, father’s day celebration, Adam comes over, study for bio, sleep. Oh & possibly make a new bracelet. My arm is slowly being covered and I love it.

Also, did you see my guest post at beyond bananas? You should check it out (;


‚̧ Goodnight bloggies


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Day One: Gloom

I’m pretty upset.

Today is my first day of making my life better.

And the stupid weather has decided to rain on my parade. Literally.


I did kick off today with some delicious oats though. I love my oats.

[recycled photo because my oats always look the same.]

I don’t know if you’ve checked out my wishlist & goals page lately, but I want three tattoos. Yes three. I already have an eyebrow piercing. Hardcore? Basically. I mean how much more hard core can you get than a blonde girl who loves to wear summer dresses and never leaves the house without makeup on. I’m pretty scary.

I mean really. It doesn’t get more frightening than that.

So why am I talking about this? Because I don’t know exactly when¬†I want those tattoos.

Namaste is going to go on the top of my foot after I graduate yoga school next year. BAM.

The other two? I don’t know.

So today I consulted my “wise mind” about this. I did an exercise where I found my wise mind underneath my sternum, and after calming my body and finding my breath, I started to think about these tattoos. I realized I am not ready for a tattoo yet. I felt my wise mind bunch up and it sent anxiety through me. There was some excitement, but I just felt tense and hesitant. I realized I am not ready for a tattoo. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next month, maybe next year. But right now, I am not ready.

[JSYK: the other two tattoos are my favorite bible verse on my upper thigh & a small quarter-sized ohm symbol on my ankle]

Tomorrow I hope that I can remember to make more oats in a jar. My chocolate almond butter is running low. It would be super sad if I hadn’t already bought another jar. #proactive

Lunch is going to be a smoothie – almond milk because I forgot my almond & coconut milk at Samms house. #iforgeteverything

Today Cassie is coming over so that we can freak out & be weird together. It’s lovely. Guitar hero and super smash Bros are staples. Probably more smoothie too.


I walked 3 peaceful miles listening to the Nutrition Diva podcasts. I also did 20min Zumba express.

Now throughout my days I need to try to consult my wise mind before making decisions.

Have a great day bloggies<3


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