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So right now I am sitting in a gigantic severe thunderstorm. Inside? Yes. Dry? Yes. BUT I AM IN A TENT.

It’s crazy loud and lightning is flashing. It is starting to move away now after about 2o minutes of BOOM CRASH BOOM! I could feel it in my chest.

I have to pee. It’s like I drank a gallon of water or something. And the rain outside does not help.

I’m really concerned about my stuff in the other tent being completely soaked.
Okay stuff is AOK! So happy 🙂 and now we voyaged to the bathroom (thank gawd) and are currently making French toast in the trailer. See, us girls are legit and sleep in tents. But we have the trailer for samm’s family. It is our refuge and means we can have delicious foods (:

Water by the camping literally makes it an island. It’s up to our ankles!

I am going to eat some yummy French toast and think about all the places I want to visit in the Grand Rapids mall. Ah, the joys of a rainy day.

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