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Day Eight & Nine: Duel Wield

Hello bloggies! I am extremely tired because it is so late so I am going to post some shorts updates, thoughts, and pictures (;

Oats and smoothies. Definition of me.

So remember last week when I said I consulted my wise mind and said I wasn’t ready for a tattoo? Well I think I changed my mind. I want to get a small one the size of a quarter on my ankle. I’ve gotten the “it’s permanent FOREVER AND EVER” lecture from my mom and my friend, Fodes, but I really want one. I feel like this is a meaningful tattoo and something I will always appreciate. Also, I don’t think that it will affect any job prospects in the future or interfere with anything.

Thursday. I think Adam & Cassie are going with me.

Speaking of Cassie I spent the last two days with her, and they were ahhhhmazing. She is truly my best friend. We spend “obnoxiously long periods of time together” (Cassie) and never get sick of each other. It’s great. I feel so good after I’ve been with her and she brings me back down to earth when I need it most.


We watched No Strings Attached, played Nintendo GameCube, went to our friend’s grad party, made banana bread, and made plans to make a music video. Yes, we’re awesome. [speaking of banana bread, check out that recipe tomorrow when I’m not too tired to tell you about it!]

I updated my tumblr a lot as well if you happen to be keeping track of that (;

Tomorrow’s Agenda: breakfast, church, gym, home, play pokemon, father’s day celebration, Adam comes over, study for bio, sleep. Oh & possibly make a new bracelet. My arm is slowly being covered and I love it.

Also, did you see my guest post at beyond bananas? You should check it out (;


❤ Goodnight bloggies


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