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Midwestern Girl

Keeping track of the days is difficult because I don’t post everyday. It sounds like a good idea in theory, but it’s hard.

Yesterday was a lovely day. Happy Father’s day to all the daddy’s, or soon to be daddy’s (; I had a great time with my family. We had another family dinnah!

Sweet potato fries, BBQ chicken, and sweet corn. Slightly southern? Awesome. [I want to be southern. So. Badly.]

It was great family bonding time; I really enjoy my family time. My dad & brother are quite sarcastic which makes for an interesting meal. (;

My dad & I at my junior prom….

Happy Father’s Day, daddy<3 I love you.

[even though he doesn’t read this.]

My favorite postsecret of the week:

I spent the last two days with Adam too! He came over apres le diner hier. We hung out and had a wonderful time! We took a walk and I had a photo shoot! A southern photo shoot!

photo shoot*


I a midwestern girl; my hair is long, my nails are short, and my budget is small.


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