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Awkward and awesome camping

So I am having a very relaxing trip so far! Except I got an unlikely and unfortunate visitor… If you know what I mean. #awk

I have decided to recap some of the best adventures via a&a Thursday style.

-made a complete embarrassing, horrifying mess at the beach due to my visitor.
-my friend referencing my dead cat as if she were alive.
-Emma texting Cassie about cassie’s surprise birthday cake (thank goodness she didn’t check her phone)
-samms younger sister telling me to name my dog “Rosie” (name of my dog that dies last summer)
-fodes yelling “hope college!” because we passed a girl wearing a hope sweatshirt and she was too excited
-going to town to see street performers only to learn that they left at 9 (it was 10 past)
-the bidet (weirdest experience ever)
-me asking Cassie if we would accept “farta” as a word in bananagrams
-cloudy beach day one
-making out with Ben Franklin statue
-chocolate shake = blended chocolate soft serve?!?
-fodor’s crazy sunburn situation (one piece bathing suit and tennis lines)
-“my experience with the vagina** is, you walk up, and the seat opens for you” (**actually should be bidet)
-“water” dripping from the trees (and by water I mean aphid poop.)
-Fodor’s ambiguous cough/laugh
-Fodor being sick and yet drinking out of everyone’s drinks and eating people’s food and profusely apologizing .2 seconds later
-Fodor being mentioned 2749164 times in the awkward section

-camping with my best friends
-brad Pitt in Troy (wow.)
-making awesome friendship bracelets (powering through them)
-beautiful weather at the beach
-viv’s face is not red
-Cassie eating jack sparrow’s face from her cake
-so. Much. Food. And. Snacks.
-bachelor duck friends
– Karla’s store and fair trade store
-Lemonjello’s (delish frozen drinks)
-hope college
-puppy number two named Georgia?!
-ground squirrels like Oswald the II
-dancing to Jason derulo in the car and Fodor singing the words like a legit rapper (only not)
-t swift
-organic peanut butter
-feather extensions
-campfire smell
-copious amounts of bananagrams
-cassie’s not spider tattoo (anchor woo! … A stick on)

As you can see, it’s been an amazing trip. Still 2 and 1/2 more days of fun fun fun! I love my friends.

I do miss Adam! He doesn’t read this but I miss him so so much<3

Oh and a shout out to my college friends out there. Joe, Kayla, Joanna, kara, Julia, Rachel, chelsea, I love you guys and I miss our AA adventures!

I hope you like the few pictures!




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Camper diaries- day one

Hello everyone! I have almost no service and no computer, but we will see if this wordpress app can fight through my measly one bar of connection. Short post bc I am supa tired!

We managed to get to holland in about 2.5 hours, all of which I played pokemon. (new gym badge yay!) we got the camper settled, (for samm’s parents, sister, and sister’s friend), and both tents set up (one for us sleeping ladies and one for our stuff) as soon as we arrived. Didn’t take us too long either; we are camping pros now! (girly camping pros, but pros nonetheless)

We lounged, ate delicious wal-Mart fried chicken and brownies, stopped at the beach (BEAUTIFUL! I will take pics tomorrow!), and watched sweeny todd. All very much a good, relaxing start to the trip!

What I forgot so far: jeans, yoga pants, and q-tips. ERGH! (how did I forget jeans?!) oh, and running shoes (definitely an accident….)

I definitely feel good being around all my friends. It definitely helps me fight my demons. I am sorry I won’t be reading all of your blogs but I will be back soon lovelies!

Oh and I love using awk in daily conversation now. #awk



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It’s a zoo in here!

It’s been a crazy weekend folks.

Happy Birthday America!

Red, white, and blue runs through my veins.

I’ve got a lot of pictures for you from the zoo, so please, enjoy them (:

Celebratory oats!

Well, Adam is here and he’s taking me to sushi as a farewell dinner before I go camping for a week. I will talk to y’all tomorrow about more fun things. I hope you enjoy the gallery of pictures!

Namaste ❤

P.S. If anyone wants to guest post, I’ll be gone for 7 days. So just shoot me an email with your post and I’ll get it up while I’m gone! (;



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you do you

I discovered this on someone’s blog today and was amazed.

It’s a video about photoshopping by Dove. I was shocked when I saw it. I then went on to watch a few more videos on photoshop and… I will never judge myself against pictures in magazines again. Okay, sometimes. But I’m going to try not to.

This is after I just had a big bowl of ice cream. (bring on the tummy ache.)

It’s so hard after eating a lot of unhealthy food. Tomorrow is always a new day though right?

When it comes to self-esteem and body issues, I’m not always the person to ask. In fact, most of the time I’m not the person to ask. In all my mistakes, my fumbles, my insecurities, I’ve learned a few things about loving yourself.

P.S. I reuse pictures sometimes. I’m about to pass out from being so tired. I’m sorry!

Perfection isn’t possible. No matter how hard you try, it’s not going to happen. Ever. Why? Why isn’t there perfect? Because perfection is in the eye of the beholder. What is perfect to me might be just sub-par for someone else.

No matter how much you beat yourself up after eating something bad or binging, it really won’t make you eat better the next day. Or maybe it’ll last a few days, but I guarantee it won’t stick with you long. I know because I’ve done it. You think “Oh my gosh I am never eating ice cream again. I’m going to eat salads for the rest of the week.” Yeah, doesn’t happen. So why not save yourself the trouble and move on with your normal routine instead of focusing on your mistake and making yourself feel awful about it?

You have to eat treats sometimes. You do. Sometimes that means emotional eating. I failed a physics exam in college that warranted the biggest bowl of froyo you’ve ever seen. It happens. Just don’t make it an every day thing.

If you don’t enjoy your exercise (or at least get something good out of it), then it’s just torture. You’re torturing yourself. I hate running; thus, I don’t run. Sometimes I do, when I’m feeling up to it. But I usually try to do other things instead because 1. it causes less pain 2. it’s more enjoyable.

Just because someone is skinnier than you doesn’t mean you should hate them for it. There’s always going to be someone prettier, skinnier, smarter, nicer… it happens. It’s life. There is nobody who is you though.

Speaking of people who you “think” are “better” than you in looks or health or perfection… you are putting them on a pedestal. Not okay. I often get jealous of other bloggers, then realize they are running 6, 10, 12 miles a day! 30 miles a week! I don’t even come close to that. I just about passed out running two. So honestly, if I put in the full effort, I could probably look better. If we all spent more hours training, more meals eating healthier… we can always improve. We can always be jealous of people. But the truth is, we live our lives the way we do for a reason. That is not to say that we shouldn’t improve in whatever way is possible, but to say that for a working mom it might not be convenient to get up at 5am to run. It’s all about what works best for you.

Also, there are those itches who just think it’s cool to eat ice cream all the time and be a size 0. Whatever.


Loving yourself is really hard. I’m definitely still working on it. I don’t think we’re ever really done. Done improving ourselves, working on ourselves. I aspire to be the best person I can. I stumble a lot, but don’t we all?

Goodnight bloggies. With self-love,



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Day Five: Positivity Post

Google chrome just told me positivity isn’t a word.

What? I don’t get it. Oh well.

I’m was feeling down last night. So if you want to feel sad, please leave now. These are blessings, pictures that make me happy, quotes I like… kind of my tumblr, via blog. I just want to feel inspired, lucky, beautiful, happy, free, and loved.

“Men and women, they were beautiful and wild, all a little violent under their pleasant ways and only a little tamed.”

“A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference.” Eeyore

If you like what you see check out  : http://greekyogurte.tumblr.com/

It’s great stuff. It’s basically an extension of my mind and who I am. I already feel better. Tomorrow’s a new day right? Have a great night bloggies<3


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wiaw & a healthy June

So I know it’s Thursday night and I’m posting about Wednesday. But I am a busy girl and I have lots of stuff that I have been up to (: So you will first see my WIAW, then some fun pictures and updates.


I had my first “oats in a jar”. OMNOM


This was one of my best smoothies yet. Such a perfect consistency!


My first burger in 4 months.


Truly a wonderful, summery meal!
I snuck in some strawberries on the side as well (;


I had a lovely baby frozen yogurt cone & about 2 s’mores & 5 roasted marshmallows (so 7 total).

Love flash SO MUCH. #sarcasm


Notice “102”. Yup. It was HOT yesterday.

Photo taken by moi ❤

More tubing!

Mr. Darcy was hoping for some dropped food!

Today’s fruit salad for dinner!

Raspberries, strawberries, grapes, spinach, and raspberry vinaigrette dressing!

Whew! Lots of photos. Now for a small ramble (;

Yesterday I went to therapy. [Hi Teresa!]  We discussed how I can change over the next month to conquer all the things I’ve been having problems with, like my anxiety and guilt and everything! So tomorrow I am starting a 30 day challenge for myself. Every day I want to make progress towards some daily goals. I am going to try to take things day by day, and try to learn that I can’t worry about things that I have no control of. But I have to try to change what I do have control of. What better place to chronicle this journey than right here on my blog? I might make some posts private, so if I skip a day, that’s probably why. (Not all my issues should be public!)

It’s a journey towards health and happiness. I always set unreachable goals. To be happy. To be healthy. These aren’t tangible things, they are works in progress. They are processes. It’s something to work at every single day. Something I read about recently on http://www.runningoffthereeses.com/ was how we shouldn’t say “I’m perfect the way I am!” because we are always a work in progress. We should be critical of ourselves!


Yes! We should be critical. Not to the point where it’s damaging, but so that we know where we can improve. The purpose is to find out how we can improve our lives and ourselves. I have never thought about life in that way! It’s called being a realist. (http://www.runningoffthereeses.com/2011/06/im-realist.html)

So I am going to have to really buckle down to chronicle this. I am going try to find the positives in my day. I am going to try to do my therapy exercises. Meditation. Radical Acceptance. Cognitive Restructuring.

It’s going to be difficult, but I know it will be worth it. I didn’t succeed with my May goals, but June will be different. I am ready to take action. I hope to have nothing but good news and happiness to share with you. There will be some intense bumps along the way, so I hope you don’t mind seeing that. I don’t want to be a negative nancy, but I can’t always slap on a smile. It’s not me. I am not 100% happy all the time, and I feel like that is how I’ve come off on my blog. Not to say I’m going to bombard you with cloudy days, but I am going to try to be 100% real with you guys. I love your comments. They make my day. I love hearing about you guys and how you relate.

Thanks for being there with me, and I hope we can take this new journey together!


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Spring Cleaning Part III – Love

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

“Women wish to be loved not because they are pretty, or good, or well bred, or graceful, or intelligent, but because they are themselves.”

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller.

Loving others, loving anything, makes us feel connected. Our family, our friends, our pets, our lovers, husbands, wives… anything in the world (or hey, maybe you like space). We all love something. Sometimes it’s ourselves. Obviously too much self-love is selfish, but we do need to love ourselves.

Loving yourself is very important, and it is also very difficult. Sometimes, for some of us-a lot of the time, the mirror image is not friendly. She sneers at us and gives a disappointing look after giving us the up-down. She analyzes and judges. She’s never satisfied.

We need a new image. Someone who looks back at us grinning. Someone giving us a thumbs up for that yoga session. Someone who’s still beaming from the delicious ice cream sundae we ate yesterday. Someone who is strong, but can accept when she is weak.

Self-love is hard, but it’s not impossible. In all honesty, you are always going to be able to count on yourself. Others may let you down, but you are always going to be there for yourself. If you are a person of faith like me, I know God is always there for me.

I was at church today and the pastor ended a prayer with “We love you, God. Amen.” What? Wait. I missed that. I don’t know about you, but I say all my Amen’s and I say my prayers and I even list all the things I’m thankful for. I don’t ever say I love you though. Which is weird because I know how much God loves me. Infinitely. Always. Forever.

Maybe it’s because I have so much trouble loving myself that I have so much trouble admitting that I love God. I was created in God’s image. I am embarrassed that I don’t love myself because I know God made me the way I am. Self-loathing goes completely against what God feels. I don’t know about you, but I’m not exactly ready to stand up to the guy who made the earth.

I am on a journey towards self-love. It took me so long to allow myself to trust someone so much enough to love them. Loving Adam has taught me so many things about myself that I wouldn’t have discovered if I had continued to hold up these walls, these barriers. I have had a lot of things happen in my past that have caused me to be guarded, and it’s also always been a part of my personality. Letting those walls down for Adam and close friends has changed my life. I’m not saying I am completely free. I still guard myself from hurt and pain. Unfortunately hurt & pain are necessary because we are human and we are enrolled in the school of life.

Love is many things. Love is picking someone up when they need a ride. Love is giving someone flowers on a bad day. Love is forgiving someone who has wronged you. Love is letting go of anger. Love is hugs. Love is snuggling on a winter night.

Love is kissing in the rain. Love is giving up the remote. Love is compromise. Love is prayer. Love is laying in the grass in the sunshine. Love is playing with a dog in the park. Love is donating your time. Love is a movie night with friends. Love is truth and honesty.

Love is whispering secrets under the stars. Love is ice cream and chocolate. Love is smiling because you can. Love is dancing in the rain. Love is running. Love is celebrating your body. Love is life. Love is yoga. Love is taking time for yourself. Love is taking risks. Love is adventurous.

What is love to you?


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