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Mouthful Monday

I’m upset.


Ready to throw stuff.

[you see, I get like this sometimes.]

So I have a mouthful to say. And I’m going to say it. Right here. Right now.

I woke up early this morning feeling great. It was sunny out, I managed to pull myself together to do a jillian workout, and I didn’t puke (but boy I sure felt like it).

I spent an extra 2o minutes shaving my legs because Adam was coming over. Then I spent forever getting my hair just right (heck yeah ballet bun), dressing up in a skirt and cute sandals for work, and spritzing on my best perfume.

Made a smoothie for the road and flew out the house. I was a cute little flurry of blonde and bright colors.

I get to work only to receive a text that Adam wanted to play frisbee tonight with my friends in town rather than come over to see me. You see, he was not at work yet and decided to blow me off via text. Lovely.

Being the passive aggressive person that I sometimes am, I simply sent a “that’s fine.” text (which always implies that it is definitely not fine) and began teaching people math.

My least favorite subject came in today and I had to help him from 1:30-4:00. I just about died. I couldn’t even think straight.

It’s so hard not to simply grab the pencil and do the math for them. It takes a lot of willpower.

Also, he doesn’t write half his work down. Heck, he doesn’t even write the entire beginning problem. Talk about frustrating.

By the time 4 o’ clock came ’round, I was read to scream and yank my bun of hair right off. Instead, I shook my tutee’s hand, signed out, and left. I. Could. Not. Take. Any. More.

My day had instantly gone down the crapper in a measly four hours. URGH.

Per the request of my mother, I stopped at Meijer (it’s like a target/wal-mart… it’s a Michigan thing) and picked up various items including a puppy notebook. We are going to journal about the puppies so that we can learn their habits & when they like to go to the bathroom and such (:

Which brings us to this point. The point where I couldn’t even focus on bio because I had a rant occupying my thoughts. Did I mention Adam was supposed to help me study for my biology test tomorrow? Oh yeah, and I missed 2 out of the 3 days of lecture for this test because I was camping.

Again, lovely.

I checked my email about 2o minutes ago to find that frisbee was cancelled. So whether Adam comes over or not to face my possibly-hormone-induced rage is still up in the air.

I hope you are all having a better Monday than I am.

Puppy countdown: 24 hours.

At least they will never abandon me via text.



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Well I finally downloaded the wordpress app! I feel that this will allow me to post more. Although my posts from here will usually be picture-less and unformatted. Eh! #whatever

So I am in a weird mood. I’m in a let’s-watch-the-notebook-by-myself kind of mood. I want to listen to sad country songs about how much these guys love these southern girls. I want to sing “Marry Me” by Train while shoveling coldstone ice cream into my mouth. It’s a cuddle-with-my-cat-because-I-feel-lonely night.

I want to think that everything is okay. Honestly, blends, (blog+ friends, thanks N!) things are not so hot on this front. [even though it was 90 with 90% humidity today. I don’t mind; I love when my hair gets fluffy #bedhead]

I feel like my bf and I have lost some of the romance in our relationship. He used to be so romantic. We were cookie-cutter perfect couple (#self-centered). He bought me flowers and wrote me poems and gave me chocolate all just because. He surprised me and always looked at me like I was the only girl in the world.

Now I have to practically BEG for a compliment every once in awhile and the only flowers I see are on the side of the road. We’ve been together for 16 months today.. But that doesn’t mean I’m ready for us to be.. Boring!

Where is the spark?! I hate admitting this to all of you. I always put up this front that I have this perfect relationship. It’s great, but I feel that it’s just.. Off for some reason. Whenever I talk to my parents they say “oh well maybe you guys just aren’t meant to be together then.” uhm what?! #parentsdontunderstand

It’s not that I want to break up, just go back to some, mushier times so to speak.

I’m going to try to open up a little more here. I feel like this blog has gotten away from me and geared towards other things.

Sleep well blends,


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