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Tie Dye

I am a monkey. [I just wish I had one of my trusty bananas with me.]

I am a yogi too. OHMMMMMM.

My girls & I got together for some tie dye.

Origin: Tie shirt with rubber bands, dye with… dye. [I figured this out on my own. Who knew?]

“Wait! Before we tie dye, I want to climb the tree.”

“Oh my gosh someone take a picture of me for my blog!”

Workin’ hard or hardly workin’?

Our colorful hands & feet.

I love them. So, so much.

Tie Dye memories! It’s become a tradition for us. Woo (:

WIAW lataahh. (;

Hope your Thursday is going fantabulous! I’ve been tumbling. Have you seen?



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