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I am  Move-In-Maker. MIM.

Today I moved in… 6 people? Maybe 5?

There’s 1200 people in my dorm. Which means the next few days (especially tomorrow) are going to be a hot mess.

Oh and Friday is supposed to be 91 and humid. Lovely. I work 11-2:30, the hottest time of the day. #notwinning

On the bright side I like having the rest of the afternoon to myself, or in the case of today, visiting friends! Two of my good friends, Joanna and Liz, moved into their apartment the other day. I can’t wait to see them, along with Joanna’s boyfriend Nick and Liz’s friend Caroline. It’s seriously going to be a big party reunion. (:

Before that though, I am going to eat a peach. Well as soon as I am finished typing this post. I think I told you, but I got peaches from the farmer’s market on Saturday and they are to die for! So super yummilicious.

—-bathroom break—

I just met the cleaning ladies! They are so nice and friendly. Gwen & Betty. What sweethearts! Last year the woman who cleaned the bathrooms was very shy, but we always wrote nice things on the white board in the bathroom (:

I haven’t worked out in awhile. I woke up to go work out yesterday, and the IM building was closed! It opens up again next week ): At least I am going to be walking all over. I have to run to CVS today to pick up some prints of my pictures. The collages won’t be done for a few days but the prints are ready now. It’s so exciting that I will have my own pictures in my dorm room! Everyone loves the Christmas lights I put up.

I feel good. Today is another good day. I am taking 8 pills a day (7 of them are vitamins) and I wonder if those are starting to help. I am doing the organic skin care and makeup, and my skin seems to be doing better. It’s been almost a week since I started it so after about a month hopefully I will really see results! It’s the same as working out and eating right: it takes awhile to see results.

Speaking of eating right, I’ve been bad, oh so bad. I haven’t eaten a ton of sweets, I’ve just eaten a ton! I forgot what it was like to have all of this food around me all of the time, especially having it right in my room. Bah! Once I have classes and get into routine it will hopefully be easier. I’m not counting calories, I am just intuitive eating. Well, I’m going to be intuitive eating now (;

I absolutely love Coldplay’s new song, “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall.” It’s so catchy and upbeat. (Although I haven’t listened fully to the lyrics…)

Okay so the wind just blew the door shut and it scared the bejeesus out of me. Whew. Off to eat a peach and tumble.

Have a wonderful day bloggies!


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