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All moved in!

I am finally all moved in! (:

Well kind of. I still need to get my futon tomorrow (and see my family!) and pick up a few other things.

I feel so happy. I feel like I’m going to cry.

Okay I just shut my door so I can cry. Maybe I should stop listening to my Norah Jones pandora station.

I love relaxing here and meeting new people. My new RA, Emily, is awesome. For seriously. She is so kind and she feeds me! She’s also a total type A like I am. And she’s a stats major, so she likes math like I do (did?). It’s basically amazing.

I’ve gotten along so well with my RAs. Last year, Chelsea was my RA and she is one of my good friends now. I can’t believe how quickly I’ve bonded with Emily. We ate crackers and watched Say Yes to the Dress last night at 11. These two have made me consider becoming an RA. I love the bond between all the RAs as well…. I don’t know! I always thought I would live in an apartment next year.. but maybe I could just rent one for the summer. #omglifechange

I haven’t felt this happy in awhile. This happy being the last few months. During my senior year I went through some rough times, and last winter was incredibly difficult for me. I have come so far… I feel like my life has focus and a purpose. I didn’t feel that way before.

I’m on one of my highs, but it feels so good. I need times like this to focus on so that when the lows come, I can look back to cheer myself up. Good times don’t last forever, but neither do the bad.

Tomorrow I have a few things to pick up, but I also have Monday. I start to help people move in on Tuesday, but my shift only lasts from 11-2:30 which isn’t bad at all. I’m not being paid but I get free food until next Friday, and I got to move in early!

I miss Adam, my family, and my babies (the puppies). They are growing up without me and it breaks my heart. The first five games are home, so unless I sell a ticket I won’t be going home anytime soon /: My mom is hellbent on visiting me this year though, so I really hope to see her more often. Seeing Adam on the other hand… that’s going to be difficult ):

Even though I’m in a single, I feel as if I have so much more room than last year! I think it’s because I am actually making use of all the space, and I don’t have to worry about encroaching on someone else’s. I’ll take pictures once I have it all together. I need some poster’s for these white walls though that’s for sure!

I think I’m going to go tumble for a bit. Maybe I’ll hunt down my old RA and play some bananagrams with her if she’s not too busy.



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It’s a zoo in here!

It’s been a crazy weekend folks.

Happy Birthday America!

Red, white, and blue runs through my veins.

I’ve got a lot of pictures for you from the zoo, so please, enjoy them (:

Celebratory oats!

Well, Adam is here and he’s taking me to sushi as a farewell dinner before I go camping for a week. I will talk to y’all tomorrow about more fun things. I hope you enjoy the gallery of pictures!

Namaste ❤

P.S. If anyone wants to guest post, I’ll be gone for 7 days. So just shoot me an email with your post and I’ll get it up while I’m gone! (;



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Midwestern Girl

Keeping track of the days is difficult because I don’t post everyday. It sounds like a good idea in theory, but it’s hard.

Yesterday was a lovely day. Happy Father’s day to all the daddy’s, or soon to be daddy’s (; I had a great time with my family. We had another family dinnah!

Sweet potato fries, BBQ chicken, and sweet corn. Slightly southern? Awesome. [I want to be southern. So. Badly.]

It was great family bonding time; I really enjoy my family time. My dad & brother are quite sarcastic which makes for an interesting meal. (;

My dad & I at my junior prom….

Happy Father’s Day, daddy<3 I love you.

[even though he doesn’t read this.]

My favorite postsecret of the week:

I spent the last two days with Adam too! He came over apres le diner hier. We hung out and had a wonderful time! We took a walk and I had a photo shoot! A southern photo shoot!

photo shoot*


I a midwestern girl; my hair is long, my nails are short, and my budget is small.


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Day (six) Seven: wiaw

Oh my gosh. I don’t think I’m ever on time for anything. Work, school, appointments… wiaw.

Yeah, it’s a fail. But thankfully Jenn loves me anyways. (:

Bonus: I had my new Dark Chocolate Dreams PB from PB&Co. Delish. Go out and buy it. Now.




I don’t have a picture of it personally, but here’s what I ate at Applebees with mah girls…

Grilled chicken with portobellos on top! Delicious. I had double veggies instead of potatoes though!

More Fun

I had more oats in a jar!

This stuff tastes like frosting. Seriously.

My family celebrated family dinner on Sunday! It was probably the most stressful day ever and next time I guarantee we are either going to Olive Garden or ordering pizza. But after all the hard work it sure was tasty!

Wild brown rice, sweet corn, and delicious grilled salmon! MMMmmmMMMMm!

I actually went back and filled this plate up again… the same was it was the first time! I felt sick after but it was just so so good.

I also took these two cool pictures (with my phone no less)!

Yeah I’m awesome.

This is me when I pump iron at the gym. Yeah don’t I look hardcore? [I tie-dyed that shirt last year!]

Love the band-aide right? I had a TB test. I find out the results tomorrow but it’s done nothing but bruise so I’m pretty sure I’m all set (:

Today started off bad, but then after getting home and doing some things to feel better, I feel better! I skyped one of my best friends from school, Kayla, and I watched 2 hours of True Blood. Now I’m blogging and I’m about to eat some Coldstone ice cream! The night has turned into a truly lovely one ❤

Have a wonderful day night bloggies!


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Day Three: Twisted.

Guess what happened guys. I twisted my ankle yesterday.  So sad 😦

It’s feeling a little better today, but I am now limping everywhere. I feel like a kicked puppy. It happened when I was playing some intense ultimate frisbee yesterday with my friends. Fun, but painful and hard. Great exercise though (;

Today I went to church. I went to Catholic mass all year at school and my senior year of high school so attending non-denominational services is definitely a different experience! It’s still a little out of my comfort zone, but I love the atmosphere. There’s so much love for God and Jesus. The pastor has powerful sermons. Love.

Happy Pentecost to those who celebrate. If you don’t, happy Sunday (;

So if you don’t know what PostSecret is, you should check out postsecret.com

It’s one of my obsessions. I wrote my college admissions essay on one of the books. (Yup, it means that much to me.)

Favorite secret of the week:

I am super lucky to have the parents that I do. They are always there for me, every day, every minute, every moment of my life. I know I will always have a home wherever they are.

Last night was a hard night. I’m not sure why, but after one or two good weeks, I always have a bad night. It’s probably how everybody feels right? It’s normal, I think. Luckily I had one of my best friends, Emma, reach out to me last night to make me feel better. I don’t know if she realizes what a difference she made last night. She stopped the demons from getting to my soul and she stopped the thoughts from coming. For that I don’t know if I can thank her enough.

Today is going to be a better day. I am obviously not going to exercise because of my ankle, but I am just having a lazy day. Aren’t those the best? After I finish this post I’m going to curl up in my bed and watch True Blood. We are cooking salmon on the grill today. Unfortunately it’s only in the mid-60s today, but at least it’s not raining! (;

Sammi got her new camera today. Me = super mega uber jealous! She is so creative. I can’t wait to see what kinds of  beautiful pictures she takes!

For some reason I was obsessed with the chocolate strawberry smoothie I made yesterday.


Demolished that baby.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Smoothie

  • 1/4 C Almond Milk
  • 3 Tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 scoop Choc protein powder
  • 1 C frozen strawberries
  • 2 heaping scoops plain chobani yogurt
  • shredded coconut to top
  • spinach = optional (I didn’t have any)
Blend, baby, blend.
That’s all for me today bloggies. Have a fabulous Sunday. Do something good for yourself<3


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