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sleep deprived

Wow I have no new pictures for you.

Such an eventful weekend and I have nothing but a messy room and sore legs to show for it.

I suppose I must wait for Emma to put pictures up! I suppose I will now describe where I have been the last three days (:

Well Wednesday night was spent with Adam. He lectured me over the biology I missed after we dressed up and went to dinner at Red Lobster. We got so many looks and were asked over & over why were dressed up. This is how you know we live in a small town (with nothing to do).

I lied. Here’s two pictures.

I ate… something delicious? I don’t even remember now!

Wednesday night: 6 hours.

9-12 biology. 12-2 lay out at country club & tan (omg yes).

2-6 help people factor / tutor math.

6-630 drive home.

630-730 make t-shirts & prepare for hp7 premiere.

Then Emma’s 2 friends from Albion met us at sushi in Ann Arbor. It was so delicious! Not as filling because we didn’t order as many rolls as usual. Why not? So that we could get Starbucks for dessert! (: Or in my case, frozen yogurt(e) (; Of course I packed it full of chocolate covered raisins, chocolate chips, and strawberries. I devoured it.

Then we sat in the theater waiting for our childhood to come to a final conclusion.

The movie was great; not perfect according to the books (but when has that ever happened?) but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I will save you my post-potter depression speech.

Thursday night: 4 hours.

On Friday I worked from 10-3. Ordinarily I wouldn’t work on Fridays but I was given the hours to make up for one’s I missed while camping. How nice of my boss (: [I need the money fuhshow.]

Okay, just a quick piece of advice. Do not try to help FOIL and factor when you are sleep deprived.

I was ready to crack. Teaching people stuff I learned in 8th grade is difficult when they don’t understand. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I just do not love when people come in and expect me to do their homework for them.

After work I came home, showered, and headed to Dan’s. Some of my friends and I went up to Flint/Kettering to go to a welcome back frat party (they have a really odd school schedule… just don’t ask). Dan used to go there before he transferred, so it was his old frat!

I wish I had pictures because I was lookin’ good (; Cassie & I were sober buddies for the night and so we entertained ourselves dancing and playing drinking games (drinking water of course… heck yeah water shots.) Emma also came along to the party & she found a very nice boy to dance with. She spent most of the night with him (;

There was so much dancing and fun and music and friends and I cannot rave enough about this. Bed at 5am. Sign me up!

Friday night: 4 hours.

At this point, I am obviously very sleep deprived. After returning home, I went to the lake with Adam and we spent the day playing volleyball and eating food. (I mostly ate lemon bars and cookies.)

I was barely a person in volleyball because I couldn’t function. (see title of post). More like 1/2 a player.

After a few hours of that, Adam and I headed back to his parent’s house. (Did I tell you he moved into a friends house for the remainder of the summer? He’s growing up so fast!) I got a shower in for the first time in 3 days and I just about cried with joy. I felt so clean and AHHH it was just amazing. (normally I shower every day. every day. it’s bad for your hair to wash every day yatta yattah…. I like to shower. every day.)

Apres ca, Adam and I hung out with friends again at this balloon festival that we have every year. It was cool to see the hot air balloons but after about an hour they aren’t as exiting. Grason got an umbrella hat & Dan got a corn dog. Successful trip.

1/2 off Applebee’s appetizers was our next stop. Marley and I swapped wings for quesodilla (I can’t spell?) pieces and it was ahhhhmazing.

The long day came to an end and after Adam dropped me off, I fell into bed, and into oblivion.

Saturday night: 11 hours.

Today I enjoyed a big steak dinner with my mom & dad (Jake abandoned us psh). I’ve been watching tv and tumbling for hours. I love lazy Sundays.

Now that you have read/skimmed/ignored my long-winded weekend post, I hope you will enjoy the rest of your night my fellow bloggies and guests (: ❤




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Awkward and awesome camping

So I am having a very relaxing trip so far! Except I got an unlikely and unfortunate visitor… If you know what I mean. #awk

I have decided to recap some of the best adventures via a&a Thursday style.

-made a complete embarrassing, horrifying mess at the beach due to my visitor.
-my friend referencing my dead cat as if she were alive.
-Emma texting Cassie about cassie’s surprise birthday cake (thank goodness she didn’t check her phone)
-samms younger sister telling me to name my dog “Rosie” (name of my dog that dies last summer)
-fodes yelling “hope college!” because we passed a girl wearing a hope sweatshirt and she was too excited
-going to town to see street performers only to learn that they left at 9 (it was 10 past)
-the bidet (weirdest experience ever)
-me asking Cassie if we would accept “farta” as a word in bananagrams
-cloudy beach day one
-making out with Ben Franklin statue
-chocolate shake = blended chocolate soft serve?!?
-fodor’s crazy sunburn situation (one piece bathing suit and tennis lines)
-“my experience with the vagina** is, you walk up, and the seat opens for you” (**actually should be bidet)
-“water” dripping from the trees (and by water I mean aphid poop.)
-Fodor’s ambiguous cough/laugh
-Fodor being sick and yet drinking out of everyone’s drinks and eating people’s food and profusely apologizing .2 seconds later
-Fodor being mentioned 2749164 times in the awkward section

-camping with my best friends
-brad Pitt in Troy (wow.)
-making awesome friendship bracelets (powering through them)
-beautiful weather at the beach
-viv’s face is not red
-Cassie eating jack sparrow’s face from her cake
-so. Much. Food. And. Snacks.
-bachelor duck friends
– Karla’s store and fair trade store
-Lemonjello’s (delish frozen drinks)
-hope college
-puppy number two named Georgia?!
-ground squirrels like Oswald the II
-dancing to Jason derulo in the car and Fodor singing the words like a legit rapper (only not)
-t swift
-organic peanut butter
-feather extensions
-campfire smell
-copious amounts of bananagrams
-cassie’s not spider tattoo (anchor woo! … A stick on)

As you can see, it’s been an amazing trip. Still 2 and 1/2 more days of fun fun fun! I love my friends.

I do miss Adam! He doesn’t read this but I miss him so so much<3

Oh and a shout out to my college friends out there. Joe, Kayla, Joanna, kara, Julia, Rachel, chelsea, I love you guys and I miss our AA adventures!

I hope you like the few pictures!




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Day Three: Twisted.

Guess what happened guys. I twisted my ankle yesterday.  So sad 😦

It’s feeling a little better today, but I am now limping everywhere. I feel like a kicked puppy. It happened when I was playing some intense ultimate frisbee yesterday with my friends. Fun, but painful and hard. Great exercise though (;

Today I went to church. I went to Catholic mass all year at school and my senior year of high school so attending non-denominational services is definitely a different experience! It’s still a little out of my comfort zone, but I love the atmosphere. There’s so much love for God and Jesus. The pastor has powerful sermons. Love.

Happy Pentecost to those who celebrate. If you don’t, happy Sunday (;

So if you don’t know what PostSecret is, you should check out postsecret.com

It’s one of my obsessions. I wrote my college admissions essay on one of the books. (Yup, it means that much to me.)

Favorite secret of the week:

I am super lucky to have the parents that I do. They are always there for me, every day, every minute, every moment of my life. I know I will always have a home wherever they are.

Last night was a hard night. I’m not sure why, but after one or two good weeks, I always have a bad night. It’s probably how everybody feels right? It’s normal, I think. Luckily I had one of my best friends, Emma, reach out to me last night to make me feel better. I don’t know if she realizes what a difference she made last night. She stopped the demons from getting to my soul and she stopped the thoughts from coming. For that I don’t know if I can thank her enough.

Today is going to be a better day. I am obviously not going to exercise because of my ankle, but I am just having a lazy day. Aren’t those the best? After I finish this post I’m going to curl up in my bed and watch True Blood. We are cooking salmon on the grill today. Unfortunately it’s only in the mid-60s today, but at least it’s not raining! (;

Sammi got her new camera today. Me = super mega uber jealous! She is so creative. I can’t wait to see what kinds of  beautiful pictures she takes!

For some reason I was obsessed with the chocolate strawberry smoothie I made yesterday.


Demolished that baby.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Smoothie

  • 1/4 C Almond Milk
  • 3 Tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 scoop Choc protein powder
  • 1 C frozen strawberries
  • 2 heaping scoops plain chobani yogurt
  • shredded coconut to top
  • spinach = optional (I didn’t have any)
Blend, baby, blend.
That’s all for me today bloggies. Have a fabulous Sunday. Do something good for yourself<3


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