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Camping ’11

Holland was amazing y’all! I had a blasty-blast with all of my best friends. It was wonderful (:

I would like to offer you a gallery of pictures to look at!

We had ice cream at the beach, watched the sunset, a bird pooped on my sleeping bag, took a tour of Hope College courtesy of Fodes (yeah Dutchmen!), went shopping in downtown, ate at the New Holland Brewery (pizza rolls is that awkward picture!), and I got tan. Huzzah!

It was the best camping trip yet.

I had my second to last therapy session today. When I talked with Teresa, it helped me realize just how far I’ve come. The thoughts I used to have compared to the thoughts now…. well, honestly, they can’t even been compared. I have conquered so much these last 6 months… it is beyond what I thought I could do.

I guess it has taught me to have more faith in myself. I also know that I need to seek out help. I have tried to face too many things on my own, tried to take on more than a single person should.  I’m fortunate enough that I have had many people stand by me in such tough times. Conquering my demons has been hard… they aren’t all gone by any means. Now, however, I have many more tools to fight them. I hopefully will win more battles than I lose.

Time for me to study some biology. Ugh! I loved my vacation; I do not love all the bio homework I now have because of it.

I think I’m going to make my tattoo appointment sometime soon as well<3



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Awkward and awesome camping

So I am having a very relaxing trip so far! Except I got an unlikely and unfortunate visitor… If you know what I mean. #awk

I have decided to recap some of the best adventures via a&a Thursday style.

-made a complete embarrassing, horrifying mess at the beach due to my visitor.
-my friend referencing my dead cat as if she were alive.
-Emma texting Cassie about cassie’s surprise birthday cake (thank goodness she didn’t check her phone)
-samms younger sister telling me to name my dog “Rosie” (name of my dog that dies last summer)
-fodes yelling “hope college!” because we passed a girl wearing a hope sweatshirt and she was too excited
-going to town to see street performers only to learn that they left at 9 (it was 10 past)
-the bidet (weirdest experience ever)
-me asking Cassie if we would accept “farta” as a word in bananagrams
-cloudy beach day one
-making out with Ben Franklin statue
-chocolate shake = blended chocolate soft serve?!?
-fodor’s crazy sunburn situation (one piece bathing suit and tennis lines)
-“my experience with the vagina** is, you walk up, and the seat opens for you” (**actually should be bidet)
-“water” dripping from the trees (and by water I mean aphid poop.)
-Fodor’s ambiguous cough/laugh
-Fodor being sick and yet drinking out of everyone’s drinks and eating people’s food and profusely apologizing .2 seconds later
-Fodor being mentioned 2749164 times in the awkward section

-camping with my best friends
-brad Pitt in Troy (wow.)
-making awesome friendship bracelets (powering through them)
-beautiful weather at the beach
-viv’s face is not red
-Cassie eating jack sparrow’s face from her cake
-so. Much. Food. And. Snacks.
-bachelor duck friends
– Karla’s store and fair trade store
-Lemonjello’s (delish frozen drinks)
-hope college
-puppy number two named Georgia?!
-ground squirrels like Oswald the II
-dancing to Jason derulo in the car and Fodor singing the words like a legit rapper (only not)
-t swift
-organic peanut butter
-feather extensions
-campfire smell
-copious amounts of bananagrams
-cassie’s not spider tattoo (anchor woo! … A stick on)

As you can see, it’s been an amazing trip. Still 2 and 1/2 more days of fun fun fun! I love my friends.

I do miss Adam! He doesn’t read this but I miss him so so much<3

Oh and a shout out to my college friends out there. Joe, Kayla, Joanna, kara, Julia, Rachel, chelsea, I love you guys and I miss our AA adventures!

I hope you like the few pictures!




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Camper diaries- day one

Hello everyone! I have almost no service and no computer, but we will see if this wordpress app can fight through my measly one bar of connection. Short post bc I am supa tired!

We managed to get to holland in about 2.5 hours, all of which I played pokemon. (new gym badge yay!) we got the camper settled, (for samm’s parents, sister, and sister’s friend), and both tents set up (one for us sleeping ladies and one for our stuff) as soon as we arrived. Didn’t take us too long either; we are camping pros now! (girly camping pros, but pros nonetheless)

We lounged, ate delicious wal-Mart fried chicken and brownies, stopped at the beach (BEAUTIFUL! I will take pics tomorrow!), and watched sweeny todd. All very much a good, relaxing start to the trip!

What I forgot so far: jeans, yoga pants, and q-tips. ERGH! (how did I forget jeans?!) oh, and running shoes (definitely an accident….)

I definitely feel good being around all my friends. It definitely helps me fight my demons. I am sorry I won’t be reading all of your blogs but I will be back soon lovelies!

Oh and I love using awk in daily conversation now. #awk



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