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Oh. My. Goodness.

I finally got my DSLR camera! Merry Christmas to me… a wee bit early this year (;

I spent two and a half hours walking around town today taking pictures of campus and downtown; it was so fun!

The whole process of editing took awhile as well but here are a few of the finished products…

I’m pretty proud of them if I do say so myself (: If only I had this to take foodie pictures over the summer! Ah well, now I have it for the school year. It’s nice because I still don’t start classes for another week, which allows me plenty of time for exploring my new camera like I did today. I will be helping freshmen move in daily starting tomorrow, but it’s only during lunch for about 4 hours (which isn’t a lot when you have the rest of the day free after!).

It’s so wonderful being in Ann Arbor without the stress of classes. There’s some social life stress, I’m meeting a lot of new people which brings on anxiety. Of course they are all sweethearts though which makes things easier.

I feel as if I am the only one who doesn’t go out. It can be difficult being the only one who wants to hang out in the dorms. Tonight I think I might just watch some shows on netflix or something and hang out in my room (which I will have pictures of soon). I put up xmas lights! I guess I really am into celebrating early (;

I don’t feel ready to start college again. I suppose I’ve already started, but last year was so difficult. I feel better prepared at least… I already have noticed a huge difference just in my first few days being back. I really like my RA again, Emily. After meeting her and the other new RAs, as well as hanging out with old ones, it makes me consider applying to be an RA. Crazy right? I just feel so good when I can answer questions for freshmen, and I would love to help them find their way. I feel like I’m a pretty responsible person, and it’s not like I drink or party very much either.

Who knows? Like my parents said, there’s no harm in applying. If God feels I’m a right fit (and if I don’t mess up my application/interview), then it will happen. What will be, will be.

My IBS has bothered me a lot today. I’ve had a very flippy stomach and some fairly annoying, painful cramps. Why oh why did I eat the pasta at dinner? White carbs are a big trigger food for me 😦

I ordered collages and prints of my favorite photos. Instead of buying other people’s photos (posters) why not make my own, right?

The pre-school jitters are getting to me. I need to spend some time to myself tonight relaxing. After all, there’s no homework I should be doing (:


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