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Thoughts: Vegan?

I don’t know if you remember, but I went vegetarian for about 3 months, pescetarian for one, and then jumped back into being an omnivore (with a burger no less). I am someone who constantly changes my thoughts, my life, my diet, my exercise… I always need to be changing things. I seek adventures that don’t involve frat parties or alcohol. #college

I have been researching veganism and I think I want to try it… sometimes. I don’t have enough resources at hand in the dining hall (with my required meal plan) to eat vegan all the time. I would go nuts. Plus, I wouldn’t be able to go out to sushi with friends, or almost anywhere. And if you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know how much I love sushi.

Thus I’ve come to the conclusion that I will start trying to eat vegan, or vegetarian, when possible. I have read a few places that it’s good to make the transition slowly, to find out if this is really what you want for you. Not for a fad, but for your health and well-being. I’m not ready to give up yogurt, I love yogurt. I’m not ready to give up sushi, I love sushi.

So, I won’t.

I’ll do things at my own pace. I don’t need a label, I don’t need specific rules to guide my life. I shouldn’t have to justify all my decisions to my friends. They should accept that I want to be semi-vegan/vegetarian without claiming I’m a “fake” or a “wanna-be”. (Hopefully my friends wouldn’t say something that harsh to me but you never know.)

This isn’t to say I’m not open to concerns, questions, or anything of that nature. I would prefer, however, the absence of hurtful comments.

Oh silly me.

Thank goodness oats are vegan. I had them this morning for breakfast (:

If I don’t like it, I’ll just stop. No harm done. (: This is college; time for some experimentation and change, non?

Tonight is history here at the University of Michigan! We are having the first night game in the 132 year history of our school. And guess who has a ticket…? (;

It’s very exciting. I’m praying that it doesn’t rain. It’s been so gloomy the past week and that has really been putting a damper on my mood. I’m so strongly connected to the weather. It’s unfortunate since I live in Michigan and it’s gray skies for 1/2 the year.

I wasn’t very into football (okay I was not into football) before coming here, but going to a big 10 university has changed my attitude a bit. Although our football team is not at it’s best, we aren’t awful by any means.

Next weekend I’m going to visit Adam at MSU. I’m looking forward to seeing what his life is like there. Seeing his dorm room, cafeteria, and allowing him to show me around. He can’t wait (it’s cute).

I miss that face ):

I think I am going to spend some time reading In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. I read The Omnivore’s Dilemma this summer and, although it was quite dense, I loved it. This one is a much quicker read.

I also read French Women Don’t Get Fat. I enjoyed the book overall, but I felt like she was very condescending towards Americans sometimes. I understand that we don’t have a food culture that dates back hundreds and hundreds of years, but it’s not like we specifically chose the way our nation is. Some of her quips were a bit offensive. “You’ll never find a French woman on the stairmaster for hours working off a meal.” I’m sure French women still suffer from food guilt. There are eating disorders everywhere, not just in America. French woman choose to go about it in different ways. I loved the helpful tips and tricks… I simply felt that sometimes she pushed the “Americans have no culture and don’t know proper eating habits” too far.

She stated that we don’t eat the same way our grand-parents did. No we do not, because some of our grand-parents grew up in the great depression. With all the dramatic shifts that have happened over the last century, it’s no wonder that a dramatic shift has occurred in eating and food as well. France doesn’t have as large of a population as the USA, and suffers from different economic problems and policies than we do. It’s appropriate to draw some comparisons and conclusions, but cultures cannot simply be lumped in “Americans do this and that’s bad. French women do this and it’s good.”

Based off the title, you don’t read the book expecting a lot of science behind it. It’s mostly lifestyle tips and advice. If that’s what you are looking for, I would recommend it. As someone who has some experience with French culture through my education in the language, a lot of what she says makes good sense… just not all of it.



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Sophomore year!

I don’t officially start classes for another two days but I’m a sophomore in college! Woo!

No more silly freshmen mistakes like getting lost around campus or walking in groups of twenty around downtown. No more clinging to people once you know their name in the hopes of making friends. I have friends! I know stuff!

The girls in my hall are super nice though. They’ve all pretty much moved in (except a few stragglers are still unpacking). It’s great because they invite me to their movie nights & everything, so I don’t feel like a creep hanging out with them.

It’s wonderful to have Joe & Kayla finally back in town as well. We haven’t had the whole gang together for very long due to unfortunate weather that separated us, but it will happen soon (:

Speaking of the weather, we lost power for all of campus yesterday! First the football game was delayed, then came back, then 20 minutes later it started really storming and the game was cancelled. Apparently Western thought it wasn’t worth continuing later, so the game was called at 34-10, a win for Michigan. #itsgreattobeamichiganwolverine

After hauling our soaking butts back to the dorm (and Liz & Joanna ran to their apartment), we stayed in our respective places for the night. When the power went out for an hour, I played bananagrams with Kayla & Joe. It was nice and calming (: We had power in the hallways (emergency generators) so it was great to see everybody out in the halls bonding.

Tonight is the Taste of Michigan; I’m so excited for free food & samples! Oh, and the coupons. Gimme some coupons.

Unfortunately my parents couldn’t come visit me today because I had a “mandatory training” for working in the dining hall. The freshmen were shown around and taught different jobs but as “seasoned” workers, all the sophomores and up sat there for an hour and a half listening to our boss talk…. about absolutely nothing.

At least I was paid. Yeah $15.

I feel better about this year than last. It’s incredibly weird to walk around Ann Arbor knowing where I’m going. I like being able to stay in and watch movies versus going out in order to make friends.

Adam is coming tonight! I haven’t seen him in a little over a week now so I’m very excited. A Wolverine & Spartan living in harmony (;

I’m kind of zoning out as I type this because I’m chilling with Joe & Kayla, so I’ll write something coherent later.


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All moved in!

I am finally all moved in! (:

Well kind of. I still need to get my futon tomorrow (and see my family!) and pick up a few other things.

I feel so happy. I feel like I’m going to cry.

Okay I just shut my door so I can cry. Maybe I should stop listening to my Norah Jones pandora station.

I love relaxing here and meeting new people. My new RA, Emily, is awesome. For seriously. She is so kind and she feeds me! She’s also a total type A like I am. And she’s a stats major, so she likes math like I do (did?). It’s basically amazing.

I’ve gotten along so well with my RAs. Last year, Chelsea was my RA and she is one of my good friends now. I can’t believe how quickly I’ve bonded with Emily. We ate crackers and watched Say Yes to the Dress last night at 11. These two have made me consider becoming an RA. I love the bond between all the RAs as well…. I don’t know! I always thought I would live in an apartment next year.. but maybe I could just rent one for the summer. #omglifechange

I haven’t felt this happy in awhile. This happy being the last few months. During my senior year I went through some rough times, and last winter was incredibly difficult for me. I have come so far… I feel like my life has focus and a purpose. I didn’t feel that way before.

I’m on one of my highs, but it feels so good. I need times like this to focus on so that when the lows come, I can look back to cheer myself up. Good times don’t last forever, but neither do the bad.

Tomorrow I have a few things to pick up, but I also have Monday. I start to help people move in on Tuesday, but my shift only lasts from 11-2:30 which isn’t bad at all. I’m not being paid but I get free food until next Friday, and I got to move in early!

I miss Adam, my family, and my babies (the puppies). They are growing up without me and it breaks my heart. The first five games are home, so unless I sell a ticket I won’t be going home anytime soon /: My mom is hellbent on visiting me this year though, so I really hope to see her more often. Seeing Adam on the other hand… that’s going to be difficult ):

Even though I’m in a single, I feel as if I have so much more room than last year! I think it’s because I am actually making use of all the space, and I don’t have to worry about encroaching on someone else’s. I’ll take pictures once I have it all together. I need some poster’s for these white walls though that’s for sure!

I think I’m going to go tumble for a bit. Maybe I’ll hunt down my old RA and play some bananagrams with her if she’s not too busy.



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Protein Bars & Summer fun

Well, okay. They are more like protein brownies. Fudgey yummy delicious brownies… that have lots of protein (:


2 scoops chocolate protein powder

one scoop of fiber powder (if you have it)

1 C crunchy (or creamy) PB (we used Dark Chocolate Dreams by PB&Co)

1/2 C uncooked oats

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 C honey

lots of raisins

Stir it all up and enjoy (: We just put ours in a pan. (my mom & I) After you make it, you should cover & stick in the fridge to keep them fresh.

They are so so so tasty. They are perfect for a snack that will fill you up with a small piece! Great for on the go.

So tomorrow… I move in.


It’s completely crazy to me that I’m already moving back into my dorm. Where did my summer go? Well here’s some highlights…

I discovered smoothies & oatmeal.

I ate a lot of sushi.

I spent time in the sun.

I broke the meat fast.

I spent a lot of time baking.

Tie-dyed with friends.

I had a photoshoot.

I ate more sushi.

I read the Omnivore’s Dilemma.

I camped with friends.

I went out with my boyfriend.

I celebrated Independence Day.

I saw the final Harry Potter at midnight (and made this t-shirt).

I got this tattoo.

We have two new additions to the family. (Zeus above, Cocoa Puff below)

(She likes sticks.)

And overall,  I just had a fantastic, amazing, and memorable summer.

What a way to live.

Namaste everyone. Have a peaceful and relaxing night.


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puppy pics

Cocoa Puff, Zeus, and my photoshoot at the park yesterday with the bf… Fun fun fun (:


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Mouthful Monday

I’m upset.


Ready to throw stuff.

[you see, I get like this sometimes.]

So I have a mouthful to say. And I’m going to say it. Right here. Right now.

I woke up early this morning feeling great. It was sunny out, I managed to pull myself together to do a jillian workout, and I didn’t puke (but boy I sure felt like it).

I spent an extra 2o minutes shaving my legs because Adam was coming over. Then I spent forever getting my hair just right (heck yeah ballet bun), dressing up in a skirt and cute sandals for work, and spritzing on my best perfume.

Made a smoothie for the road and flew out the house. I was a cute little flurry of blonde and bright colors.

I get to work only to receive a text that Adam wanted to play frisbee tonight with my friends in town rather than come over to see me. You see, he was not at work yet and decided to blow me off via text. Lovely.

Being the passive aggressive person that I sometimes am, I simply sent a “that’s fine.” text (which always implies that it is definitely not fine) and began teaching people math.

My least favorite subject came in today and I had to help him from 1:30-4:00. I just about died. I couldn’t even think straight.

It’s so hard not to simply grab the pencil and do the math for them. It takes a lot of willpower.

Also, he doesn’t write half his work down. Heck, he doesn’t even write the entire beginning problem. Talk about frustrating.

By the time 4 o’ clock came ’round, I was read to scream and yank my bun of hair right off. Instead, I shook my tutee’s hand, signed out, and left. I. Could. Not. Take. Any. More.

My day had instantly gone down the crapper in a measly four hours. URGH.

Per the request of my mother, I stopped at Meijer (it’s like a target/wal-mart… it’s a Michigan thing) and picked up various items including a puppy notebook. We are going to journal about the puppies so that we can learn their habits & when they like to go to the bathroom and such (:

Which brings us to this point. The point where I couldn’t even focus on bio because I had a rant occupying my thoughts. Did I mention Adam was supposed to help me study for my biology test tomorrow? Oh yeah, and I missed 2 out of the 3 days of lecture for this test because I was camping.

Again, lovely.

I checked my email about 2o minutes ago to find that frisbee was cancelled. So whether Adam comes over or not to face my possibly-hormone-induced rage is still up in the air.

I hope you are all having a better Monday than I am.

Puppy countdown: 24 hours.

At least they will never abandon me via text.



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I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting as much these past few days; I’ve been a very busy girl. I have wonderful family zoo photos to show you tomorrow and fun weekend things to talk about. I promise!

I feel like we all expect our lives to be sunshine and rainbows. I wait for when I’m truly happy; it means everything is going to be okay and I’m going to feel okay again.

I recognize that everyone has bad days. Today I ate too much pizza, cake, and cookies. I feel sick inside and out. I don’t know why I eat this way. I didn’t need the second helping of pizza, or the big second slice of cake, or the second cookie. I could have easily felt much better physically and mentally had I just indulged a little. I wouldn’t deny myself, only I wouldn’t eat myself sick either. It’s quite a challenge to achieve. Any of you have encountered binging at one point or another I’m sure. If not, good for you, don’t do it. It sucks.

I had a small fight with my boyfriend including me having a breakdown. I feel like I’m losing my mind here you guys. It must be my time of the month soon or something because I can’t take anything right now.

This is really just an honest post. If you want encouragement, I will encourage you on your blog. This blog is my space. It’s my mind. Right now, my mind is a mess. I am upset with people, I miss the way things used to be, and I’m wondering when exactly I made the decision to view the world the way in the pessimistic way I do now.

I am definitely better than a few months ago. I know I have to focus on my improvement; however it’s just so difficult when nobody actually knows what’s going on and even the people who do don’t make me feel less lonely.

I always get this way at night; it’s why I blog during the day. I need my sleep to have my sanity.

I’m not looking for a pity party by any means. This is my life and what I’m going through. I’m still in that awkward stage of figuring out where the heck I belong in this black and white world when I’m all shades of grey.



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Awkward and Awesome Thursday

So I stole this from a blog I found and at the moment I am Blanking on the name so I will insert a link tomorrow to give credit where credit is due.

EDIT: http://www.thedaybookblog.com/ check her out ❤

Have you read running off the reeses? I did some hardcore stalking today and I just can’t rave enough about that blog. It is highlarious and I literally laugh out loud sometimes.

So if you can’t tell I’m posting from my phone again! So it’ll be a quick one tonight before I pass out into oblivion.

1. My dad told me I looked like Jessica Simpson.
2. I talk for my cat a lot.
3. Getting caught smooching your bf at work.
4. Being asked, “so you’re like 21 right?” by a middle-aged man you just tutored.
5. Laughing at blogs out loud while you are on a work computer.
6. Telling all your co-workers that all you really want from your bf is for him to order you peanut butter off the Internet. (come on, it’s cinnamon raisin swirl.)
7. Being the last one to show up for biology lab…

1. …because you were playing pokemon in your car trying to catch ‘Em all for an hour after the test.
2. Eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (being 5 again).
3. Helping someone understand math and thank you profusely for it.
4. Spell checker on your phone. (I do not possess proper grammar skills.)
5. Your bf looking hot in a suit at work. (TMI.)
6. The new show called “Suits.”
7. Sleeping.
8. Eating sushi with a reconnected friend.

This theme really helps me appreciate my Thursday a lot more.

And a kiss goodnight for you bloggies!


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an exciting #wiaw (pb banana bread)

I have so much for today’s post. I hope you enjoy all of it. (A special thanks to those who responded to last night’s post including N and Allie!) I am going to try to be more open and real on here.

I realized I’ve been trying to fit this specific “food blog” type and, honestly, I’m not a food blog. I don’t really make recipes that often, and I don’t go through the motions. I am pretty much a “my life” blog. So if I have recipes (like today’s) that’s awesome. But unfortunately I won’t be providing them regularly. So just throwing all that out there. This blog is pretty much going to be my journal, my home, my thoughts, all the parts of my crazy brain. (;




yum right?! [chocolate banana!]

I do not have dinner for y’all yet because it’s only 1:14pm here in Michigan! I always am so late to the WIAW party that I decided to post a wee bit early (;

So in honor of my wiaw being incomplete… I have a recipe for y’all!

peanut butter banana bread

  • 3 mashed ripe bananas
  • 2 C peanut flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp baking powser
  • 1/3 C greek yogurt (I like vanilla chobani)
  • 3 tbsp butter, softened
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 2/3 C white sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla
Mix wet ingredients & dry in separate bowls.
Cassie was my baking partner!
Add dry ingredients to wet and stir. Be careful not to over-mix.
Grease a loaf pan and pour batter in. Cook on 350 degrees for 55-65 minutes.
Allow 15 minutes to cool before removing from pan.


And by enjoy…. I mean eat it all.

This lasted two days at my house. We are a banana bread family.

“There should have been chocolate chips.” – my dad.

Today I am making a music video with my best friend, Cassie. (See above for her baking photo op.) It’s going to be ahhhhwwwsummm. (:

I hope you enjoyed this lovely post, bloggies! ❤ hopefully now that I have the wordpress app, I will have more quick posts updating you on yours truly (;

I would also like to thank Jenn for this amazing recipe that I had yesterday for lunch… YUM!


Although I did not have walnuts or cucumbers, it was still super good. I used strawberry cream cheese (;

Have a wonderful day! PARTY ROCK!


Oh & in the topic of yesterday, this helped me change my view a bit as well…


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Well I finally downloaded the wordpress app! I feel that this will allow me to post more. Although my posts from here will usually be picture-less and unformatted. Eh! #whatever

So I am in a weird mood. I’m in a let’s-watch-the-notebook-by-myself kind of mood. I want to listen to sad country songs about how much these guys love these southern girls. I want to sing “Marry Me” by Train while shoveling coldstone ice cream into my mouth. It’s a cuddle-with-my-cat-because-I-feel-lonely night.

I want to think that everything is okay. Honestly, blends, (blog+ friends, thanks N!) things are not so hot on this front. [even though it was 90 with 90% humidity today. I don’t mind; I love when my hair gets fluffy #bedhead]

I feel like my bf and I have lost some of the romance in our relationship. He used to be so romantic. We were cookie-cutter perfect couple (#self-centered). He bought me flowers and wrote me poems and gave me chocolate all just because. He surprised me and always looked at me like I was the only girl in the world.

Now I have to practically BEG for a compliment every once in awhile and the only flowers I see are on the side of the road. We’ve been together for 16 months today.. But that doesn’t mean I’m ready for us to be.. Boring!

Where is the spark?! I hate admitting this to all of you. I always put up this front that I have this perfect relationship. It’s great, but I feel that it’s just.. Off for some reason. Whenever I talk to my parents they say “oh well maybe you guys just aren’t meant to be together then.” uhm what?! #parentsdontunderstand

It’s not that I want to break up, just go back to some, mushier times so to speak.

I’m going to try to open up a little more here. I feel like this blog has gotten away from me and geared towards other things.

Sleep well blends,


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