All moved in!

I am finally all moved in! (:

Well kind of. I still need to get my futon tomorrow (and see my family!) and pick up a few other things.

I feel so happy. I feel like I’m going to cry.

Okay I just shut my door so I can cry. Maybe I should stop listening to my Norah Jones pandora station.

I love relaxing here and meeting new people. My new RA, Emily, is awesome. For seriously. She is so kind and she feeds me! She’s also a total type A like I am. And she’s a stats major, so she likes math like I do (did?). It’s basically amazing.

I’ve gotten along so well with my RAs. Last year, Chelsea was my RA and she is one of my good friends now. I can’t believe how quickly I’ve bonded with Emily. We ate crackers and watched Say Yes to the Dress last night at 11. These two have made me consider becoming an RA. I love the bond between all the RAs as well…. I don’t know! I always thought I would live in an apartment next year.. but maybe I could just rent one for the summer. #omglifechange

I haven’t felt this happy in awhile. This happy being the last few months. During my senior year I went through some rough times, and last winter was incredibly difficult for me. I have come so far… I feel like my life has focus and a purpose. I didn’t feel that way before.

I’m on one of my highs, but it feels so good. I need times like this to focus on so that when the lows come, I can look back to cheer myself up. Good times don’t last forever, but neither do the bad.

Tomorrow I have a few things to pick up, but I also have Monday. I start to help people move in on Tuesday, but my shift only lasts from 11-2:30 which isn’t bad at all. I’m not being paid but I get free food until next Friday, and I got to move in early!

I miss Adam, my family, and my babies (the puppies). They are growing up without me and it breaks my heart. The first five games are home, so unless I sell a ticket I won’t be going home anytime soon /: My mom is hellbent on visiting me this year though, so I really hope to see her more often. Seeing Adam on the other hand… that’s going to be difficult ):

Even though I’m in a single, I feel as if I have so much more room than last year! I think it’s because I am actually making use of all the space, and I don’t have to worry about encroaching on someone else’s. I’ll take pictures once I have it all together. I need some poster’s for these white walls though that’s for sure!

I think I’m going to go tumble for a bit. Maybe I’ll hunt down my old RA and play some bananagrams with her if she’s not too busy.




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Protein Bars & Summer fun

Well, okay. They are more like protein brownies. Fudgey yummy delicious brownies… that have lots of protein (:


2 scoops chocolate protein powder

one scoop of fiber powder (if you have it)

1 C crunchy (or creamy) PB (we used Dark Chocolate Dreams by PB&Co)

1/2 C uncooked oats

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 C honey

lots of raisins

Stir it all up and enjoy (: We just put ours in a pan. (my mom & I) After you make it, you should cover & stick in the fridge to keep them fresh.

They are so so so tasty. They are perfect for a snack that will fill you up with a small piece! Great for on the go.

So tomorrow… I move in.


It’s completely crazy to me that I’m already moving back into my dorm. Where did my summer go? Well here’s some highlights…

I discovered smoothies & oatmeal.

I ate a lot of sushi.

I spent time in the sun.

I broke the meat fast.

I spent a lot of time baking.

Tie-dyed with friends.

I had a photoshoot.

I ate more sushi.

I read the Omnivore’s Dilemma.

I camped with friends.

I went out with my boyfriend.

I celebrated Independence Day.

I saw the final Harry Potter at midnight (and made this t-shirt).

I got this tattoo.

We have two new additions to the family. (Zeus above, Cocoa Puff below)

(She likes sticks.)

And overall,  I just had a fantastic, amazing, and memorable summer.

What a way to live.

Namaste everyone. Have a peaceful and relaxing night.


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Can I have some catchup with that?

I can’t believe I go back to college in a few days. Where did summer go?

To be fair I have made some great memories and done a lot of fun activities. The last few days of summer always leave me wanting more though… I feel as if I haven’t done enough. I suppose summer is about relaxing and enjoying nothing time sometimes.

I live and breathe summer. Sun-kissed skin, blonde hair, laying outside, playing outside… I am a beach bunny, not a snow bunny. I can’t wait to move down south when I’m older and experience summer year-round. #agirlcandream

I’ll do a summer reflections post soon so that I have something to look back on when times get hard. (Aka I am six feet deep in the white stuff and Christmas is already over. Talk about depressing)

I am going to make a goals list for this coming semester as well!

Today my mother and I received our very anticipated Arbonne delivery! Natural, organic face wash, makeup, and vitamins await me each morning. I can’t wait to see how much better my skin feels (and hopefully will look!).
I cancelled my dermatology appointment in favor of going all natural. The topical medication I’m on works about as good as a turtle trying to fly. #badcomparison so I’m going au natural for the next few months!

I was recently diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I need to work on eating smaller, more frequent meals, finding my trigger foods and avoiding them, and cleaning up my eating. I eat fairly healthy, but I could stand to give up a few bags of chocolate covered raisins (mmmmmm)

Before I start popping an anticramping pill and whatever else, I want to try the digestive plus and extra fiber, along with the daily vitamins.

My health kick probably has been partially inspired by watching food Inc, and fat, sick, and nearly dead. (both are great, I definitely recommend them!)

I would love to go off about all of the food and how it’s made and everything, but I’m talking to my mom now before we go see the help!

I’ll type ya later<3



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puppy pics

Cocoa Puff, Zeus, and my photoshoot at the park yesterday with the bf… Fun fun fun (:


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Ruff few days….

Tonight I will hopefully post some pictures of my babies (: I can’t believe they are already getting so big. It blows my mind that I have to grunt when I pick them up! (maybe I should work out more)

I did week two of Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 with my mom. It was tough but I felt better after (it is a….bad time of the month).

I’m sure the copius amounts of sushi consumed helped a bit as well (;

So why so ‘ruff?

Well Cocoa chipped her tooth! We were running together and she grabbed onto one of my anklets and it snapped her poor puppy tooth. Silly Cocoa 😦 It will fall out eventually though so she will be okay.

The puppies also pooped in the house a few times. Grrrr! [including my room…] They also chewed up my favorite pair of yellow sandals…. #supersad #boohoo

Last night I was feeling pretty down (why? no clue) so I decided to read Harry Potter (numero uno). Uhhhhh best decision ever. I’m halfway through right now and it definitely cheered me up yesterday. In fact, after blogging and some tumbling, I am going to continue reading (:

I get my tattoo tomorrow. AHHHH I’m freaking out a little but I am super super super super duper excited!


You should always follow this! ❤

Have a fabulous day



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I am experiencing separation anxiety from my pups. I hope they are okay. What if they are too hot? What if they don’t have water? What if they have to pee?

I miss them 😦

I want my tattoo on my ribs now. It’s too big for my ankle. I’ve heard that ribs are absolutely awful when it comes to pain though. Any comments?

I want Namaste on my foot next summer FOR SURE.

This other one? I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m doing. (Which obviously leads me to believe I should wait.)

I am tempted to save my money though since
1. I don’t know where I want it.
2. I’m scared of pain
3. I feel like I should save the money for yoga school / a nice camera

4. I thought of 3 reasons without much difficulty.

UGHHHH I WANT A TATTOO. At least I have hair feathers?

I would dye my hair or pierce my face but I already pierced my face (see: eyebrow piercing in photos of me) and everyone thinks I’m a bangin’ blonde. #whitegirlproblems

[Currently experiencing that whole tagging thing where I have “tattoo” and “tattoos” #awk]

I’ve been tumbling at work and I really don’t want to do anything. I miss my puppies and my salad at lunch made me super sick and I can’t stop thinking about sushi and the amazing weekend I have planned starting at 6 tonight.

2 more hours.

I am going to try to blog more often. Even if I don’t have pictures or whatever. I found that journaling helps me see how ridiculous I am. Like when I think I’m ugly/fat/stupid etc I think about writing that on my blog.

And I realize, “I don’t believe that at all,” because I wouldn’t announce it to all my readers. [I have readers.. how exciting!]

Fun fact: I freak the hell out whenever I go over 100 views in a day. #dork

I’m going to keep tumbling. Maybe facebook. And mayyyyybe I’ll tutor someone in math (not if I can help it though).



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Problems & Puppies

I really don’t know how you all do it. How you manage to live life, blog, try new things, eat right, and basically just stay sane.

It’s so hard! I can’t balance everything at once. Maybe that’s my problem is that I think I can’t..?

I went to college, fell off the sane train, and now I’m sitting in the middle of the floor wondering what it all means.

SIDE NOTE: 11:11 make a wish.

I mean, I am really blessed. I see that. I have friends and family and a house and I can go to college and all that jazz.

But… I just want something more. I always feel like something is… missing.

Maybe I’m an adventurous type and I just need new things to keep me occupied… or maybe I’m just depressed because I have to leave my new babies (puppies!) to go to work & class tomorrow 😦 -so much sad face-

I’ll have pictures & videos for you on Friday. I’m too damn tired tonight to do much of anything besides ramble and tomorrow I’m going to samm’s after work. That’s a bright side at least.

Do any of you guys get incredibly pessimistic at night? I find that past 10:30 I get pretty upset about just about everything.

I think it’s time for me to sleep.


P.S. I hate when I make a tag, then make the same tag only with an s on it. Oh silly.


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