Hi! I’m a college freshmen at the University of Michigan. I’m a biology major (as of right now) and I want to become a registered dietitian someday. I try to be healthy whenever I can, while still enjoying life..
I started this blog because I was inspired by all the amazing foodie blogs I found at the beginning of March. My newest hobby is stalking all of these amazing people and following their journeys as I stumble through my own. I love hearing from my readers, so please don’t hesitate to post a comment (I swear I read them all even though I can’t comment back (; ). Or, if you prefer, shoot me an email at . I don’t bite! (;
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Unfortunately I was pretty limited in the dorms with my recipes. Now I am home for the summer and ready to get into gear! I will start out making and baking with recipes I find, but once I start experimenting, watch out!
Some Facts:
I am a pescatarian
I speak some French
 I’m outgoing
I’m a little weird
I love to laugh
Animals are cute
Summer is a favorite
French toast is a necessity of life
My two addictions are tea twizzlers
I love red grapes
I like to bake when I’m anxious or stressed
I am obsessed with office suppliesThe two most important people in my life are my parents. They keep me grounded. I can’t imagine being any luckier. Sometimes I get annoyed with them, and they almost never get annoyed with me! (okay, okay, sometimes I can be a brat) My mom has especially encountered her own struggles, and I treasure her for that. She has overcome some big obstacles and climbed mountains to get where she is today. She is my rock. She always brings me down to earth when I get a little crazy, and always reminds me to take care of myself. My dad and I have grown closer since I’ve left for college (ironically). We eat sushi together every other week or so, and I love how involved he is in my life. I hope that one day I’ll have a strong marriage like my parents.

The happy couple 🙂

My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over a year. He is absolutely amazing (but I guess I’m a little biased). He’s going to business school and works as a tutor (of 6 subjects!) currently. We’ve been doing the long distance thing for awhile, and everything is going well. I can’t imagine my life without him, and he’s truly become a part of my family.

Our trip to Florida (in February!)

Since coming to college, I’ve met so many amazing people, and made some truly amazing friends. I feel very fortunate to have so many people here on campus who truly care for me. It’s hard living away from home! Now that it’s summer, I miss all of these people and I will be very happy to come home to them in four months (:

Some of my friends/hallmates 🙂

More friends 🙂

I met these girls at orientation & we are still close! 🙂

My friends from home are pretty great too. I haven’t known all of them forever, but the few years we’ve shared I treasure with all my heart. They are all lights in my life (and most of them have no idea). Some of them have changed since going to college. I’ve changed too. That doesn’t change the fact that I love each and every one of them dearly, and I can’t wait to hear about their new lives. (I have many great guy friends too. I have a lot of friends at home and I don’t have a picture of everyone all together!)

The lovely ladies

Lastly, the most important thing to me: my faith. I have struggled so much with God. (We’ve had a roller coaster of a relationship.) I wasn’t really connected to religion until my freshman year of high school when I delved into some other religions. I decided to reject Christianity (to be different? to rebel?). I went to a Catholic school so this was a big thing. (I kept it a secret from almost everyone… so I was a secret rebel?) I had questions for Christianity, and so because I couldn’t have all the answers, I left. (Really though, what religion has all the answers??) I went all the way through the alphabet from Buddhism to Wicca. I was trying on religious with reckless abandon, like you would try on clothes in a hurry. Eventually, I had plenty of religion in my life, but I never had any faith. I finally went on a retreat at the beginning of my senior year. It changed my life. There’s no way for me to describe it without sounding insane (but aren’t we all a little crazy?) but it was an amazing feeling. I finally let all my walls down, and dropped my armor. You don’t realize how heavy the world is until you aren’t carrying it anymore. My heart was open and light. The person who truly helped change me was my friend Sammi. She has been a great friend to me, and continues to be someone who I deeply care for.

Sammi 🙂

I still struggle with God sometimes. It’s hard to accept who I am sometimes, and I question some things (a lot of things) that God does. I believe in Him though, fully. I trust the He knows what He’s doing (because I don’t have a clue what I’m doing!). My faith has kept me sane. I have experienced some very dark times, and God is my light. I have nothing against any other religions or atheists. As someone who has explored other faiths, I find diversity so beautiful. If God could talk to everyone in the same way, we might only have one religion (but everyone has their own unique language). I feel so very blessed by God. I have amazing friends, family, and a wonderful boyfriend. I have my struggles, but I know I will never struggle alone.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” -Jeremiah 29:11

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  1. YOU GO TO UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN?! Do you know Samantha Parisi? She was a frosh this past year also:)

  2. I’m excited that I have stumbled across your blog. I can’t wait to read more and follow!

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