Sophomore year!

I don’t officially start classes for another two days but I’m a sophomore in college! Woo!

No more silly freshmen mistakes like getting lost around campus or walking in groups of twenty around downtown. No more clinging to people once you know their name in the hopes of making friends. I have friends! I know stuff!

The girls in my hall are super nice though. They’ve all pretty much moved in (except a few stragglers are still unpacking). It’s great because they invite me to their movie nights & everything, so I don’t feel like a creep hanging out with them.

It’s wonderful to have Joe & Kayla finally back in town as well. We haven’t had the whole gang together for very long due to unfortunate weather that separated us, but it will happen soon (:

Speaking of the weather, we lost power for all of campus yesterday! First the football game was delayed, then came back, then 20 minutes later it started really storming and the game was cancelled. Apparently Western thought it wasn’t worth continuing later, so the game was called at 34-10, a win for Michigan. #itsgreattobeamichiganwolverine

After hauling our soaking butts back to the dorm (and Liz & Joanna ran to their apartment), we stayed in our respective places for the night. When the power went out for an hour, I played bananagrams with Kayla & Joe. It was nice and calming (: We had power in the hallways (emergency generators) so it was great to see everybody out in the halls bonding.

Tonight is the Taste of Michigan; I’m so excited for free food & samples! Oh, and the coupons. Gimme some coupons.

Unfortunately my parents couldn’t come visit me today because I had a “mandatory training” for working in the dining hall. The freshmen were shown around and taught different jobs but as “seasoned” workers, all the sophomores and up sat there for an hour and a half listening to our boss talk…. about absolutely nothing.

At least I was paid. Yeah $15.

I feel better about this year than last. It’s incredibly weird to walk around Ann Arbor knowing where I’m going. I like being able to stay in and watch movies versus going out in order to make friends.

Adam is coming tonight! I haven’t seen him in a little over a week now so I’m very excited. A Wolverine & Spartan living in harmony (;

I’m kind of zoning out as I type this because I’m chilling with Joe & Kayla, so I’ll write something coherent later.


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