Can I have some catchup with that?

I can’t believe I go back to college in a few days. Where did summer go?

To be fair I have made some great memories and done a lot of fun activities. The last few days of summer always leave me wanting more though… I feel as if I haven’t done enough. I suppose summer is about relaxing and enjoying nothing time sometimes.

I live and breathe summer. Sun-kissed skin, blonde hair, laying outside, playing outside… I am a beach bunny, not a snow bunny. I can’t wait to move down south when I’m older and experience summer year-round. #agirlcandream

I’ll do a summer reflections post soon so that I have something to look back on when times get hard. (Aka I am six feet deep in the white stuff and Christmas is already over. Talk about depressing)

I am going to make a goals list for this coming semester as well!

Today my mother and I received our very anticipated Arbonne delivery! Natural, organic face wash, makeup, and vitamins await me each morning. I can’t wait to see how much better my skin feels (and hopefully will look!).
I cancelled my dermatology appointment in favor of going all natural. The topical medication I’m on works about as good as a turtle trying to fly. #badcomparison so I’m going au natural for the next few months!

I was recently diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I need to work on eating smaller, more frequent meals, finding my trigger foods and avoiding them, and cleaning up my eating. I eat fairly healthy, but I could stand to give up a few bags of chocolate covered raisins (mmmmmm)

Before I start popping an anticramping pill and whatever else, I want to try the digestive plus and extra fiber, along with the daily vitamins.

My health kick probably has been partially inspired by watching food Inc, and fat, sick, and nearly dead. (both are great, I definitely recommend them!)

I would love to go off about all of the food and how it’s made and everything, but I’m talking to my mom now before we go see the help!

I’ll type ya later<3




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3 responses to “Can I have some catchup with that?

  1. Allie

    I can’t believe school is here! Crazy!

    I’m sorry about your IBS.. I hope you can figure everything out 🙂

  2. Natural healing is the BEST way! I agree 🙂 Have you tried cutting out gluten and/or dairy? Those are usually big IBS predators…

    • Yeah I have found dairy is becoming a big enemy (luckily Greek yogurt is a go though!). Gluten is usually hit or miss :/ whole grains usually work but white carbs.. No way haha. (:

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