Ruff few days….

Tonight I will hopefully post some pictures of my babies (: I can’t believe they are already getting so big. It blows my mind that I have to grunt when I pick them up! (maybe I should work out more)

I did week two of Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 with my mom. It was tough but I felt better after (it is a….bad time of the month).

I’m sure the copius amounts of sushi consumed helped a bit as well (;

So why so ‘ruff?

Well Cocoa chipped her tooth! We were running together and she grabbed onto one of my anklets and it snapped her poor puppy tooth. Silly Cocoa 😦 It will fall out eventually though so she will be okay.

The puppies also pooped in the house a few times. Grrrr! [including my room…] They also chewed up my favorite pair of yellow sandals…. #supersad #boohoo

Last night I was feeling pretty down (why? no clue) so I decided to read Harry Potter (numero uno). Uhhhhh best decision ever. I’m halfway through right now and it definitely cheered me up yesterday. In fact, after blogging and some tumbling, I am going to continue reading (:

I get my tattoo tomorrow. AHHHH I’m freaking out a little but I am super super super super duper excited!


You should always follow this! ❤

Have a fabulous day




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2 responses to “Ruff few days….

  1. Aww I’m sorry aboutthe chipped puppy tooth! Good luck with the tattoo!

  2. oh no!! im so sorry about cocoa!!!

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