Problems & Puppies

I really don’t know how you all do it. How you manage to live life, blog, try new things, eat right, and basically just stay sane.

It’s so hard! I can’t balance everything at once. Maybe that’s my problem is that I think I can’t..?

I went to college, fell off the sane train, and now I’m sitting in the middle of the floor wondering what it all means.

SIDE NOTE: 11:11 make a wish.

I mean, I am really blessed. I see that. I have friends and family and a house and I can go to college and all that jazz.

But… I just want something more. I always feel like something is… missing.

Maybe I’m an adventurous type and I just need new things to keep me occupied… or maybe I’m just depressed because I have to leave my new babies (puppies!) to go to work & class tomorrow 😦 -so much sad face-

I’ll have pictures & videos for you on Friday. I’m too damn tired tonight to do much of anything besides ramble and tomorrow I’m going to samm’s after work. That’s a bright side at least.

Do any of you guys get incredibly pessimistic at night? I find that past 10:30 I get pretty upset about just about everything.

I think it’s time for me to sleep.


P.S. I hate when I make a tag, then make the same tag only with an s on it. Oh silly.



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2 responses to “Problems & Puppies

  1. Aw girl, I’m sorry you fell off the sane train… I’m not totally sure if I was ever on it, to be honest haha. But if you need anything please shoot me an email? Even if you just want to vent.

    I’m totally there with you on the feeling like osmething is missing. I had a pretty good day today but overall I’m feeling liek something is missing in my life and in ME… like I’ve just lost this “spark” that used to be kind of my defining factor. It’s really irritating! Which is why i’ve only been kind-of blogging. So we’ll see.



  2. Maybe it just seems like everyone has it all together because I know I don’t 😉

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