Camper diaries- day one

Hello everyone! I have almost no service and no computer, but we will see if this wordpress app can fight through my measly one bar of connection. Short post bc I am supa tired!

We managed to get to holland in about 2.5 hours, all of which I played pokemon. (new gym badge yay!) we got the camper settled, (for samm’s parents, sister, and sister’s friend), and both tents set up (one for us sleeping ladies and one for our stuff) as soon as we arrived. Didn’t take us too long either; we are camping pros now! (girly camping pros, but pros nonetheless)

We lounged, ate delicious wal-Mart fried chicken and brownies, stopped at the beach (BEAUTIFUL! I will take pics tomorrow!), and watched sweeny todd. All very much a good, relaxing start to the trip!

What I forgot so far: jeans, yoga pants, and q-tips. ERGH! (how did I forget jeans?!) oh, and running shoes (definitely an accident….)

I definitely feel good being around all my friends. It definitely helps me fight my demons. I am sorry I won’t be reading all of your blogs but I will be back soon lovelies!

Oh and I love using awk in daily conversation now. #awk




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2 responses to “Camper diaries- day one

  1. #awk … haha 🙂 I love saying that too!!

    I am so glad you are spending time with friends and having a fun + RELAXING time!! I cannot wait to see a picture of the beach!

  2. have fun and relax 🙂 you deserve it…dont stress about the’ll be here waiting for when you return!

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