a beautiful #wiaw

I’m currently sitting in the sun. My keyboard is black and getting very hot very quickly, but I can’t miss a what I ate wednesday.

I love it! Yay warm weather!



I know it’s not a lot but I had just eaten breakfast a little while ago!


NOT MY PHOTO! (I wish) it’s a recipe viaΒ http://ohsheglows.com/2011/06/20/high-protein-quinoa-almond-berry-salad/. I can’t wait to eat it! (it’s in the fridge right now) (: Please check it out because I’m sure it absolutely delish!

So just a disclaimer, I do notΒ post everything I eat. Especially because it’s only 2:30pm and I have no idea what unfortunate food I will binge on tonight. (Last night it was fudge and my tummy hated me).

It’s hard not to binge on unhealthy foods once I get my hands on them. Any tips???

I ran two miles today! How pathetic right? Well it was hot and my feet hurt… and actually it’s not that hot and my feet don’t really hurt I’m just complaining (; I want to do a 5k in August so I am going to have to start running again. Poop! We (my mom) bought Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred. My mom ached a ton after doing it last night. I was going to try it tomorrow or Friday; we’ll see how ripped I can get in 1 week before I leave for camping up north. Woop woop! (:

Right above my pelvis is hurting when I push on it, and I’m not sure what’s wrong. My parents banned all activity for the rest of today, otherwise I could have done Zumba. 😦

I visit baby Zeus this Sunday! Hooray!

I have to go enjoy the weather now. Bye bloggies!




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11 responses to “a beautiful #wiaw

  1. Sorry about the pain you have, hope it goes away! I love Zumba, hate when I can’t do it 😦 Your breakfast look delish

  2. Hi there! I know I struggled most with binging when I didn’t eat enough or thigns that really satisfied me at regular meals. Also, I had to learn to forgive myself and trust that I could overcome the binge/restrict process. I’ve been there! Hope you have a graet rest of the day. And KUDOS for getting in 2 miles. Every healthy action counts. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for the support! It was a tough two miles haha. Binge/restrict is definitely tough. I’m taking in tips from fellow bloggers, and trying to figure out how to satisfy cravings without over-doing it (:

  3. Emma

    I’ve been trying to get back into running, too! What 5k are you going to do in August? Maybe I’ll join, it’ll give me a goal to work towards. πŸ™‚

  4. Hmm… when it comes to the unhealthy stuff you have a few options.

    1. just go for it here and there. ya only live once!
    2. keep it out of the house
    3. keep the produce drawer stocked and fresh cut/portioned fruit in the fridge at all times so you have easy convenient snacks that are so healthy and delish!

    4. other options exist but im so sleepy! haha! you’ve got this! ❀ happy wiaw lovey!

    • thanks for the advice! I usually try to keep healthy snacks on hand. It’s hard for me to keep it out of the house because I live with my family still and my brother is literally the “king” of Burger King & other unhealthy foods. I’ll probably start portioning things; I think that’s my issue is I’m too lazy to cut up food when I actually want it.

  5. jodie

    Allow yourself something “unhealthy” once a day. Imagine allowing yourself a small piece of fudge or a cookie each day. You probably wont crave them or “want” them as much because they arent forbidden then.

  6. aww you looks so great!! carrots and grapes? great combo idea πŸ™‚

  7. 2 miles is better than nothing! I understand your pain.. my knee is killing me lately.

    Your eats are beautiful πŸ™‚ and so are you!

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