Well I finally downloaded the wordpress app! I feel that this will allow me to post more. Although my posts from here will usually be picture-less and unformatted. Eh! #whatever

So I am in a weird mood. I’m in a let’s-watch-the-notebook-by-myself kind of mood. I want to listen to sad country songs about how much these guys love these southern girls. I want to sing “Marry Me” by Train while shoveling coldstone ice cream into my mouth. It’s a cuddle-with-my-cat-because-I-feel-lonely night.

I want to think that everything is okay. Honestly, blends, (blog+ friends, thanks N!) things are not so hot on this front. [even though it was 90 with 90% humidity today. I don’t mind; I love when my hair gets fluffy #bedhead]

I feel like my bf and I have lost some of the romance in our relationship. He used to be so romantic. We were cookie-cutter perfect couple (#self-centered). He bought me flowers and wrote me poems and gave me chocolate all just because. He surprised me and always looked at me like I was the only girl in the world.

Now I have to practically BEG for a compliment every once in awhile and the only flowers I see are on the side of the road. We’ve been together for 16 months today.. But that doesn’t mean I’m ready for us to be.. Boring!

Where is the spark?! I hate admitting this to all of you. I always put up this front that I have this perfect relationship. It’s great, but I feel that it’s just.. Off for some reason. Whenever I talk to my parents they say “oh well maybe you guys just aren’t meant to be together then.” uhm what?! #parentsdontunderstand

It’s not that I want to break up, just go back to some, mushier times so to speak.

I’m going to try to open up a little more here. I feel like this blog has gotten away from me and geared towards other things.

Sleep well blends,



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7 responses to “#hormonal

  1. Oh honey, it takes guts to admit to the wide world that your relationship is not perfectly peachy.
    I honestly have very little solid relationship experience. But my unsubstantiated advice would be to talk to him about it. I think 99% of the times that relationships meet their demise it’s bcause of a lack of communication. Of course that doesn’t mean stomping in there being like “YOU SUCK.” It means opening a line of communication when the time feels right, saying that you feel like some of the spark is sort of fading and asking for opinions on how you can bring it back. Are tehre particular special outings you can go on, dressing up, anything that will make you feel special? ALternatively, try making HIM feel special or treat him how you’d want to be treated and maybe that will help bring the reciprocation?

    There’s also something to be said fo the fact that I think most relationships DO kind of lapse into semi-boringness and in some ways there’s something beautiful about that. But anwyays this is mostly me just babbling.

    love ya girly 🙂


    • Thank you so much N. I seriously needed to hear all of this. I have tried talking to him a lot about it, but I think I’ve done it too much in that “half-kidding” kind of way. [Why don’t you buy me flowers anymore? Or call me beautiful? It’s because I stopped eating meat isn’t it.”] I know I really need to sit down and talk to him about it.

      Your support is amazing(: thanks love<3

  2. Great job with the honesty! I admire you for that girl 🙂
    My boyfriend and I have been dating for over 2 1/2 years and we have def. lost some ‘sparks’ along the way. But I feel as if we have a new and different love now… a comfortable one where I don’t have to dress up around him or act different than I would around my best friend-I love it!

    Sometimes if we feel a little bit ehh we spend time with other friends and see each other a few days later and it makes a lot of difference!

    Have a great day! 🙂

    • That’s a really interesting point… My boyfriend has become my best friend too. I guess I’ve been so scared of him turning into JUST my best friend, rather than a boyfriend. It is nice to not worry about looking my absolute best every time I see him (:

      I am probably going to do that. A little space to just do me for awhile. Thanks so much for the advice (:

  3. I am in a very similar situation! I just found your blog by the way from heart of a blond! I’ve been with my boyfriend for over 3 years (and I’m only 23) and it’s so easy to slip into that comfortable state where the romance is gone. But, truly working at it, and doing special things for him too might spark his interest and cause him to bring back the special treats for you too. It’s so hard–I’m totally with ya! But, I agree with @allieksmith–sometimes it’s nice to be yourself and not have to try so hard with someone–isn’t that what we hope for in the end? 🙂 Glad I found ya.

  4. giacomo

    What can i tell to you? i could be your father but i’m not, i’m not a playboy neither a misanthrope one, one thing i know for sure is , nowadays you girls as us ,boys, we think too much about ourself, first us and then us again.How can u say i really loved someone?I can feel your mood, and i’m so sorry about you, but i’m mostly sorry about u girls,cause u just think about yourself.Love is not for everyone, it’s just for those who deserve it

  5. thebeautynotebooks

    Hey girl! I just read your post and would like to share my thoughts. Agreeing with everyone else, I know from experience that communication is key to a happy, strong relationship. (I’ve been with my boyfriend for a little over three years, and almost all of those 3 years has been long disance because he goes to a service academy! so obviously communication is more important than ever.) I can see how it could be hard when you are so used to him doing those things for you. But also keep in mind that while flowers and chocolates are always appreciated, they are not the basis of love. (also, who needs a guy to tell you that you’re beautiful? Because girl, you know you are!) You said that your guy is your best friend, and that is a wonderful thing. Take a step back and focus on all the love you share and count the ways you love each other. Also, it could help not to expect too much from him. The way people act sometimes changes within a relationship, and you just have to go with it and find new meaning from that. I have really connected with a quote on Chocolate and Chatarunga’s blog. You can find it on my latest post and a link to her post if you’d like to read it. I’ve taken it to heart, and I hope you do, too! Also feel free to message me if you would like someone to talk to further about this!

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