Day (six) Seven: wiaw

Oh my gosh. I don’t think I’m ever on time for anything. Work, school, appointments… wiaw.

Yeah, it’s a fail. But thankfully Jenn loves me anyways. (:

Bonus: I had my new Dark Chocolate Dreams PB from PB&Co. Delish. Go out and buy it. Now.




I don’t have a picture of it personally, but here’s what I ate at Applebees with mah girls…

Grilled chicken with portobellos on top! Delicious. I had double veggies instead of potatoes though!

More Fun

I had more oats in a jar!

This stuff tastes like frosting. Seriously.

My family celebrated family dinner on Sunday! It was probably the most stressful day ever and next time I guarantee we are either going to Olive Garden or ordering pizza. But after all the hard work it sure was tasty!

Wild brown rice, sweet corn, and delicious grilled salmon! MMMmmmMMMMm!

I actually went back and filled this plate up again… the same was it was the first time! I felt sick after but it was just so so good.

I also took these two cool pictures (with my phone no less)!

Yeah I’m awesome.

This is me when I pump iron at the gym. Yeah don’t I look hardcore? [I tie-dyed that shirt last year!]

Love the band-aide right? I had a TB test. I find out the results tomorrow but it’s done nothing but bruise so I’m pretty sure I’m all set (:

Today started off bad, but then after getting home and doing some things to feel better, I feel better! I skyped one of my best friends from school, Kayla, and I watched 2 hours of True Blood. Now I’m blogging and I’m about to eat some Coldstone ice cream! The night has turned into a truly lovely one ❤

Have a wonderful day night bloggies!



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3 responses to “Day (six) Seven: wiaw

  1. haha you snuck in at the last second! yay! =) happy belated WIAW! hope you’re having a fantastic week!!!!

  2. woohoo ilove the tie dye shirt!!.. i LOVE your eats too!! delicious!!

  3. Your eats are amazing!! I am drooling over your breakfast. I love dark chocolate dreams, I’m ready to make oiaj with it 😉

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