No more herbivore

I am no longer pescatarian. Or vegetarian. Or anything really. I’m an omnivore!

Did the vegetarian thing for 3 months. It got way harder once I came home for the summer and actually had to prepare all my own vegetables and other foods. I fell into constantly eating fruit [good, but lots of sugar & carbs!] and easy grains. Protein came from nut butters, but it was not enough. I didn’t have any veggies either! So sad. I’m still working on that!

So I became pescatarian for a month. Yum yum fish! Who knew I would like seafood?! Although shrimp still gives me the creeps and I can’t stand the texture. (Or even the taste.) So I was getting protein now.

But I just didn’t feel… full.

I never had an issue at school, but eating out at home is really hard. I am not getting the proper fuel I need. Vegetarian, vegan, good for you! I’m jealous.  I honestly would love to go vegan.

Unfortunately, I am lazy. Yes, I am too lazy to go ridiculously out of my way to prepare all the food. I’m just being honest with you guys. It doesn’t help that my whole family & friends are all carnivores. [no excuse, I know.] Also, there are no vegan friendly restaurants in my town at all. [We also have no fro-yo. Not okay.]

So I’ve decided to start eating meat. And it began with this baby:

I love my camera and it’s inability to take close ups.

Turkey, tomato, lettuce, olive oil on ciabatta bread, baked.

My taste buds just about exploded. I am carnivore!

Adam is slightly upset because it means that I can now start stealing bites of his food again. I am already feeling the love.

Speaking of Adam, check out this candid shot my friend got of us during ultimate frisbee last week.


-:  Fitness  :-

Today I did 30min on the elliptical at a moderate pace and did some crunches on an exercise ball. I also swam two laps to cool off!

I wish I could run, but it hurts my knees and doesn’t feel good. I should get back into yoga!

P.S. Yesterday I did weights after church. Yippee!

Well I need to get some sleep. I am about to pass out on this keyboard! I find out my biology grade tomorrow. Wish me luck!



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11 responses to “No more herbivore

  1. Emma

    OMG THAT PICTURE OF YOU AND ADAM IS THE CUTEST FRICKIN THING I’VE EVER SEEN. I love you and this post and I’m proud of you for going veg even if it would have been for a week! You’re great, see you soon 🙂

  2. oh yay! im glad u have listened to yo body!! that pic is SO SO SO CUTE!

  3. we are so similar! I might start eating meat as a pescatarian too! and i love fitness ❤ haha

  4. You know girl, whatever you choose is the best thing. Obviously your body needed the meats and so you listened to its call!! Good for you! and I also cannot stand the idea of eating shrimp. They’re too much of a whole animal to me. scaryyyyy
    I love that picture of you and Adam. It just makes me feel happy and hopeful 🙂

  5. Ummm that is the cutest picture I’ve ever seen. so so sweeet! 🙂

    im considering eating some chicken once i awhile as well because I’m just constantly hungry, very frustrating.


  6. thebeautynotebooks

    I wouldn’t say you are lazy at all, just honest to yourself and what your body wants! You know your body the best — glad you’re listening! : )

  7. ahhhh that photo is perfect! it makes my heart flutter! ❤

    girl! whatever works for you and makes you happy is glorious! don't ever let anyone judge you! ❤ your diet is your diet! =)

  8. where did you get that bread? … it looks amazing.

    that pic of you and your boy is adorable 🙂 – i say frame itt!

  9. t

    Hi Viv, about those blurry close-up pics… Have you tried this little trick: hold down your shutter button and when it focuses to what you like, let go, and you should have a less blurry pic. If you already tried this, nevermind!

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