>Weekend Recap

>Hey bloggies! So I am now posting about my weekend… even though it’s Tuesday night… I just wanted to squeeze as much readership as I could out of my last post because I think it’s such an important topic. (By the way… have you checked it out?!)

I had an amazing weekend with my girlfriends. I felt so full of life being with them. Which is cool because that’s what my name means. “Full of life” Pretty cool, eh? (;

Some of these pictures get out of order… So just look at the pretty pictures. Read the words if you want. But a picture says a thousand words (;

Remember how excited I was that Cassie was back in town? We went horseback riding on Saturday!

She’s contemplating and her horse is just like, “wtf”
That’s molly by the way (; She was so big compared to Cassie!!

This is my horse Curly 🙂
Ignore my awful hair please (;

Look how little Cassie looks!

The kind lady took a picture of me. I ❤ horses.

Cassie’s thought process “She could probably destroy me…”

It was so amazing. I loved spending time with Cassie; we both love horses so it was great! We galloped on a straightaway twice and it was awesome.

Afterwards it was sushi & starbucks. The best combo (;

Random cute salt & pepper shakers at TJ Maxx…


The next day I went to the art fair with two of my other best friends, Sammi & Emma. Two beautiful gals who have a passion for art. I tagged along because I love art because I can’t do it! (;

Salad & flatbread at Cosi. Delishhhh!
Fun fact: I tried to order oatmeal but they stopped selling it at 11am. 😦

Yesterday I decided to go for a walk. I’ve had a lot on my mind. I needed to escape. So I walked.

Blessing: My favorite spring flower, lilacs, are in bloom. Beautiful lilac bushes are everywhere. I stopped to smell the flowers. It was amazing. The scent helped clear my head of all the world’s problems.

My new wallet.

I ate this before walking around at the art fair.
Boost of energy! Love Larabars<3

 Pretty flowers I found at Samms house.

I also had this yummy Panera veggie sandwich on Sunday…

Greek. Mmmmmm.
I’m still waiting for their summer salad though.

Our pantry was a mess. It’s two shelves. I wish I could’ve gotten a before picture for you. We literally had dust gathering on some bags of food. It was awful. This is all the stuff on the first shelf.. (there are two)

For some reason we have French vanilla jello & other random flavors. What?!
We also have that heap of ramen for my brother. I would rather not talk about his eating. Most of this junk is his :/
Last night was a rough night. The walk helped a bit, but it got pretty bad at the end of the night. So I flipped on The Office and ate an obscenely big strawberry banana smoothie.

 It might not look gigantic, but it was huge, I promise.

I woke up today with the promise of my first Bio class… at 5:55am. When did I have to get up? 7:30. Urghhhhh. I hate when that happens. I listened to my brother get up at 6 etc etc. I dozed from 7 to 7:30 and then got up for class at 9am. (I live 30 minutes from the college.)

It was okay. Syllabus day so it was pretty uneventful, plus chapters 1 and 2 of any science class are always way basic. It’s going to get more difficult very quickly. We move pretty fast considering it’s a 3 hour class. :/

Lunch today was a classic…


+ an apple

 Omnomnom. A throwback to the past. I also had a six-inch veggie sub from Subway because I needed to make sure I had fuel for volleyball with the tutors (:

I also got a package today…

It’s my peanut flour from Cait!!  I won her giveaway. It was so amazing because it was my first win! I can’t wait to experiment with this. I already have a few ideas in mind… (:
So when I got home from volleyball I was famished. I thought I was going to chew my own arm off on the way home. So what did I make? Oatmeal of course! But it wasn’t ordinary…

Strawberry Banana Coconut! It’s basically my normal oatmeal, topped with the three ingredients that I bolded (; It was SO amazing. The strawberries got all warm and the coconut added a little crunch here and there. I was going to make the oats chocolate, but I forgot. Maybe next time (:

I’m off to watch Glee with my mom (thank you DVR..) and call it an early night. I hope I managed to keep your attention span (;

Have a wonderful night bloggies<3 Count your blessings, always.



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8 responses to “>Weekend Recap

  1. >1) I want to go horseback riding. I haven't been in eons.2) I need to start eating more smoothies. They are so refreshing and they almost always hit the spot. 3) I am on my last bag of TJ's Peanut Flour and am completely and utterly jealous of your fresh bag.4) Would you like to make me breakfast?

  2. >I looove lilacs! I don't see them in the city (Chicago) but at home in Minnesota the roads are lined with them. My mom and I would always make "roadkill" runs and cut a bunch of them to put throughout the house! Needless to say the smell reminds me of home…

  3. runyogarepeat

    >Your new wallet is so cute! Huge smoothies in a bowl are seriously amazing. I could eat them all day long.

  4. >It would be so awesome to have a horse! You are so lucky! What do you order from starbucks? PB and J is always good. Have you tasted 'justins chocolate hazelnut butter?' it's heaven. Ive never tried peanut flour, but have always wanted to use it in my pancake recipes. Hope you enjoyed glee!

  5. >Yay for peanut flour! I can't wait to use mine too hehe. Your weekend sounds like it was so fun and like you had delish food! I love horseback riding 🙂

  6. >Horse back riding looks like so much fun! and I love lilacs and lilies. They both smell amazing. Lilies are a little strong for me though! Do you have any recipes planned for the peanut flour"?!

  7. >Aww…I want to go horseback riding! I haven't done that since I was five years old!

  8. >Wahoo!!! Love seeing that it made it to you safe and sound. I hope you enjoy every last morsel of it!

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