>The Braid Mustache

>Bonjour bloggiez! Comment allez-vous?

I hope you all are doing well. Thank you for all your lovely compliments on yesterday’s post! If you make that cake, make sure you have someone to help you eat it. Or you can be like me and eat it all. It’s pretty much up to you (;
Yesterday was a great day. The weather was nice, but not as sunny as I had hoped it would be. Although, after a week of nothing but rain and clouds, I couldn’t be more thankful. 
Today looks like another pretty day, which is super fabulous for me! My best friend, Cassie, finally arrived home from Colorado last weekend (yes she left me for school there. What a party pooper). I saw her yesterday for the first time and I wanted to hug her and never let her go. She’s always brought me back down to earth and been there for me whenever I needed her. I also feel especially connected to her because she is so strong in her faith. We’re Jesus buddies (;
This is her last night at the Hunt Club (kind of like Applebees with jacked up prices and no 2 for 20 dealio).
“OMG I’m going to make a braid mustache!”

We’ve always said we were meant to find each other. We’re both so weird, so God wanted us to have each other to be weird with.

I had grilled white fish and it was great! I opted for 2x veggies instead of rice this time (:

It was so delicious and so filling. I thought I was going to explode after. I did clear my whole plate though! I didn’t think white fish would be great warmed up #sketchyleftovers
Guess what?! I got my hair cut yesterday! Guess what else?! You probably can’t tell. I can’t even tell! (: I just got everything trimmed up because I am trying to grow it out. I want long hair so badly. I am also growing out my bangs.
Of course I had to do a photo shoot in the car.
At least I wasn’t driving this time.


 This morning I decided to give brownie batter oats another go because I have had the biggest chocolate cravings lately! I have had chocolate smoothies the past two days, eaten buckets of chocolate cake, and I work up this morning wanting to devour a three musketeers. What is wrong with me?!

Okay, maybe that’s a bad question to ask. Don’t answer that. But, I can tell you there was nothing wrong with these oats.

Of course in one of my 4 for $1 bowls. Thank you Meijer (;
I made my usual oats minus raisins. But while I was cooking them, I added 1 tsp of cocoa powder. They weren’t overwhelmingly chocolately which is what happened last time. There was still the tint of chocolate though which is exactly what I wanted! Hooray for me and guestimating (:
I definitely recommend trying them (:
Are you keeping your goals in mind? Food Guilt can be conquered! We just have to take it one day at a time (: I’m going to start making string bracelets to keep me busy so I’m not constantly thinking about food. 
Today & tomorrow are going to be great, I hope I have some good pictures to show you on Monday! [Watch for Spring Cleaning part II tomorrow night! (;]
Have a wonderful day bloggies (:
Thanks for stopping by!


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4 responses to “>The Braid Mustache

  1. >yum yum yum those oats look delicious! Can't wait for Spring Cleaning part 2!!

  2. >I think we are twins separated at birth. 1) We both eat obscene amounts of veggies 2) Our oats look pretty much identical 3) We have the same exact hair (color and wave) 4) eye color.

  3. >Brownie batter oats sound like Heaven to me! SO glad your friend is home to see ya 🙂 I love having Jesus buddies to bond and be weird with!

  4. >Um you are seriously beautiful!!!! Your eyes, honestly. And yeah you and Lee could totes be twins ;)i soooo miss my best friend right nwo :(( i hardly get to see her this summer too, it's upsetting.<3n

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