>Thirsty Thursday

>Hollaaaa! [Yeah, I’m super lame]. Hope your Thirsty Thursday is going well (:

So first I just would like to say a giant THANK YOU to you! You guys are the best. Seriously. I love all the comments you guys are leaving me. It makes my day (:

So last night I made my mom and I a green monster. What?! Moms eating green monsters?! [Who don’t blog?!] I know right. What is this world coming to.

Anyways, she doesn’t like coconut, which is my go to prettiful topping, so I didn’t show hers. Here’s what mine looked like!

My natural light was fading fast, sorry about the dark pics 😦

Look at that sludgey green color. So nutritious and delicious.

The orange bowl really highlights how pretty it is. #sarcasm

My mom loved it (: It’s just a Strawberry Banaza smoothie avec spinach! (oh look my French is coming back) This smoothie even had the banana peel in it because we have a healthmaster AKA a super blender AKA I have to do no work which I am a big fan of. #lazybum

Today is Thirsty Thursday, which means it’s smoothie time! I did P90X cardio today and it killed me. My legs were shaking after. I am becoming a weakling from just doing workout DVDs, but until the sky decides to stop raining on my parade, it’s all I got. Poop.

I made a Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie Bowl. I love these things. Chocolate covered strawberries are kind of sort of super addicting. They are basically a dessert, only healthier. [Dark chocolate covered = extra antioxidants]

Topped with coconut & choc chips. OMNOM.

Unfortunately I have no protein powder and no xanthan gum. But I’m working on it!

I’m still addicted to True Blood. Way addicted. Like I got a DVD in the mail yesterday and I am putting it back in the mail tonight for the next disc. I’m working my way through season one like a fiend.

Tonight Adam & I have a date night. Dress, tie, nice shoes.. the whole she-bang. We’re going to outback. (Hey, it’s pretty classy where I live. Don’t judge.) Hopefully I’ll remember to take pictures for y’all. (;

Are you addicted to any tv shows right now? So you think you can dance starts soon. So I’ll be freaking out about that show in a few weeks.

Have a wonderful day bloggies! ❤

P.S. How are those goals coming along? (;



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3 responses to “>Thirsty Thursday

  1. runyogarepeat

    >I've gotten my mom to drink green monsters too! I'm pretty addicted to Dexter lately, but I'm almost done the last new season. Have fun on the dinner date!

  2. >I miss college Thirsty Thursdays, ugh. I guess I could drink wine by myself tonight, if that doesn't sound too depressing. Your smoothie looks better than wine anyway!

  3. >Aww I hope you remember to tke pictures of your date night! Have fun with Adam<33That is so cute your mom had a green monster! Oh yeah… p90x KILLS me too! LOL.. I love doing the weights. Have you ever done plyometrics? CRAZY stuff!

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