>My first WIAW

>So since it’s only 3 o’ clock I haven’t finished eating, I’m going to do what I ate yesterday! Yip yip!


It’s not breakfast without my oats. 


I probably ate 1/2 of this.

One of these pretty ladies.


Sorry for the gross picture. It’s actually carrots with hummus.

More oat-age.
Am I crazy? Probably.

{Dinner Take Two}.

I love me some sushi.

I hope you all enjoyed my first WIAW! (Erm. Tuesday!) ❤


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8 responses to “>My first WIAW

  1. >Yummy!! It's not breakfast without some oats, I totally agree. Ha love how you had oats for dinner too, love it 🙂 And sushi is amazing!

  2. >Yum! I love sushi! Eel is probably my fav!

  3. >I agree, a day isn't a good day without some oats!

  4. >You're not crazy! I eat oats for dinner all the time 🙂 I ate them for every single meal when I was oat of food at the end of the school year. HAHA!

  5. >Happy WIAW!!!! ❤ so colorful! Great job girl! =)

  6. >WHat a delish WIAW :)Especially the bread.. care to share the recipe?!?!?!

  7. >I really can't say anything else except YUM 🙂

  8. >What was lunch? Was is banana/nut loaf?

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