>Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day bloggies! (Especially momma bloggies!) (:
Yesterday I had a wonderful day playing frisbee and hanging out with friends. I absolutely adore frisbee with friends. It was amazing for me because I’ve never started off the summer in this kind of shape. I was able to sprint back and forth without getting super winded! It made me appreciate my body so much, along with all my hard work.
Yesterday morning I for lunch I had the best fruit smoothie! (Okay, I know I say that about all my smoothies, but they are all just so delicious! I hate playing favorites..) I wanted to put spinach in this one, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it because this smoothie was such a pretty, soft yellow color!
Topped with beaucoup de coconut (;

It was so pretty!
(Devoured in 7minutes flat?)
[Tropical Tooty Fruity]*
  • 1 Mango, chopped
  • 1 Banana, peeled
  • 1/2 C Chopped Pineapple (+some juice because I had the pineapple in a container…)
  • 1 C Ice
  • 1/4 C Almond Milk
  • 1/4 C Plain Greek Yogurt (I like Chobani)
  • 1 handful spinach (unless you love yellow smoothies like me)
  • Shredded Coconut for topping!
Blend, baby, blend.

I had the rest of my pizza from Friday after frisbee for dinner…
Thin N’ Crispy Veggie Lovers
There were three pieces… (;

 Later I had a giant apple with peanut butter (: A delicious snack as always! When we left Samm’s house, Adam was craving ice cream, so we made a stop at Coldstone. I got a berry trinity (raspberries, strawberries, & blueberries) smoothie. It was really good, but it was so cold that I was shivering by the time I finished drinking it!

Yummy. (;

Yesterday was my brother’s prom! It made me reminisce about my high school years… how far away they seem now!

So very handsome! [excuse my un-makeuped face]
(I’m not that short… it’s just that he’s 6’4!)

My momma & baby bro (:
He had a great time with his beautiful girlfriend, Alexa. Her mom made her dress! They fit in perfectly with the Disney theme of the prom. (I was so jealous. I. Love. Disney.)
Aren’t they cute?! (On the left (; )
This morning I made some steel cut oats! I was a little frustrated that they took 20-25 minutes to cook (I am very impatient) but it was so worth it! They were super scrumptious. I am crazy for oats.

Topped with my usual 1/2 naner, raisins, and peebs.

Do you like the new bowl?! I sure do!! I bought it at the dollar store yesterday along with a pretty wine glass for smoothies and another bowl for my smoothies/oats. I am obsessed with plates/bowls/silverware/etc now. Confessions: I am in love with office supplies. I can spend hours in Office Depot. Now I can add cookware to that, along with household items. Bed, Bath, and Beyond trip? All day, honey.

Now to the real stuff. My mom is amazing. I know a lot of people think that about their moms; I am no exception. My mom is one of the strongest women I know; she’s overcome so much. She’s truly a pillar of strength for our family. My family has had some hard times, and we are currently in the biggest financial state of uncertainty that we’ve ever had to face. It’s incredibly frightening, but my mom has stayed strong for my brother and I, and been incredibly supportive of my dad.

A toast to my mom…

The woman who always puts others first.
The woman who always gives me the last bite of sushi.
The woman who would give a kidney to pay for my college.
The woman who loves the simple things in life, like watching Glee with me.
The woman who listens to me ramble… and ramble… and ramble…
The woman who works harder than anyone else I know.
The woman who puts up with all of the crap of owning her own business, and still manages to be there for me.
The woman who will try any scary recipe I ask her to.
The woman who gives the best advice, even when I refuse to listen [only to realize later that she was right].
The woman who won’t buy clothes for herself because she wants to buy them for me.
The woman who is outgoing and tells the best jokes.
The woman who married the man she loves, and exemplifies an amazing wife.
The woman who gave me my beautiful name.
The woman who went through 14 hours of labor for me.
The woman who put up with “alien viv” when I was two.
The woman who encourages me to follow my dreams.
The woman who reads my blog religiously.
The woman who celebrated with me when I found God.
[The woman who helped me know God.]
The woman who loves me without exception, without expecting anything in return, and without any boundaries.
I love you too, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

Ain’t she the cutest?

Happy Mother’s Day everyone. ❤



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3 responses to “>Happy Mother’s Day

  1. >OMG Her mom made her dress?!?! That is amazing!!!! I used to love getting dressed up for prom. You are still long that was 9 yrs ago for me!

  2. >Ohmygosh your mom is adorable!!!!!! and you totally had me at tropical =)xoXOxoJenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. >Aw her mom is super adorable. I hope she had a great day. All your eats look fantastic and I adore that black dress you have on. 🙂

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