>I love almond butter

>Happy Tuesday bloggies!

Yesterday was such a relaxing day for me (: While I was able to read food blogs at work yesterday, I will have to start actually tutoring people tomorrow (; I work 11-6 tomorrow and Thursday. While it is great money wise, it is going to be a long next two days. Luckily I am hanging out with friends tomorrow night! And Adam is coming over tonight (hopefully). We are going to make pumpkin bread!
Yesterday before work I had to make a quick salad…

Spinach, cucumber, carrots, avocado, cottage cheese.
I wanted to add raisins but I forgot! Unfortunately I was not able to enjoy my salad either. I scarfed it down in about 5 minutes! I was worried I was going to be late for work and I didn’t want that to happen on my first day. I also packed a piece of banana bread with dark chocolate almond butter on top for work. I haven’t had almond butter before and I just want to say…
It was so delicious. Definitely one of the best purchases I’ve made! I can’t wait to start putting it on bananas and do other delicious things with it! (:
After work I went to Sammi’s house. We grabbed Panera for dinner, so I had veggie soup and of course a whole wheat baguette. My rule is: You can’t go to Panera and not get a slice of fresh bread!
I put some PB on the side for my baguette, I couldn’t resist!

Sammi’s mom bought this giant jar of PB… I was so amazed that I had to take a picture!

Only in my dreams?!
After some hanging out and chit-chatting we decided to watch Black Swan. It’s such a great movie (: It makes me want to become a dancer even more! Then it was time for a cookie break. We did the break and bake prepackaged chocolate chip cookie dough. The cookies were so soft and delicious (: Afterwards, we started Benjamin Button. I wasn’t able to finish the movie because I had to come home to sleep! 
I’m scared because today I have a dentist appointment 😦 I dislike the dentist because I am a heavy tea drinker, so I always get chastised for my countless stains… I just hope I don’t have any cavities!
This probably wouldn’t help with that…
Brownie Batter oats!
 This recipe is courtesy of Fit Foodie Lee!
While this meal was super delicious, I don’t think that I can handle such sweet food in the morning. This would be a great “breakfast for lunch” meal, or even as a treat! I need fruits or grains in the morning (;
I think today is a yoga kind of day. I’m not feeling too hot so I don’t think running is a great idea. Sorry if this post isn’t super exciting. I’m feeling so distracted right now. I hope to have a great post up for you guys sometime in the next few days (; Have a great day bloggies! ❤
What’s your favorite nut butter?


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3 responses to “>I love almond butter

  1. >Ahhh, that dark chocolate almond butter looks ahmazing! I like cashew butter yummmm! but my fav is probably just plain old peanut butter, original hey 😉

  2. >I have only had almond butter a few times and I wasn't a fan! However, that dark chocolate almond butter definitely looks amazing so I should give it another try!peanut butter remains as my favorite 🙂

  3. >Mmm i love a sweet breakfast, always makes me feel like I'm having dessert instead. My fav pb so far is PB&C cinnamon raisin swirl 🙂

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