I wasn’t really planning on posting again, but I am stranded at work and I’ve already read the newest posts of my entire blog roll. Intense, isn’t it?
It turns out all of my work worries and anxieties were for naught (; The job is very relaxed, and I got my schedule all figured out with my boss. Everything is going to be just fine! (It ususally always is.) Since today is the first day of summer semester, we -of course- haven’t had anyone come in for math tutoring. So I’ve spent the last three hours being paid to sit and hang out with the other tutors while catching up with my fellow bloggies. This has probably been one of the best days ever (;

Such a relaxed day<3

It helps that Adam is working right now as well and I get to talk to him. Well, kind of. He’s doing his math homework. Even though he’s a calculus tutor, he’s taking pre-calc right now because he got a bad grade in it the first time and it’s bringing down his GPA. So since he’s a math whiz now, he’s worked his way through aout 2/5 of the semester’s homework. And it’s only the first day (; I ❤ my intelligent boyfriend.
Addressing the above picture, sunsets and sunrises look exactly the same. It makes sense, but that’s my epiphany that I just had. (Don’t judge.) I googled “sunrise” and that’s what I realized. How odd.

This is a sunset.

I suppose the reason I never realized it is because I so rarely see a sunrise. I used to while I was a senior in high school during the winter because the days were so short and I woke up at God-awful times to get to church before class. (We had daily mass offered in the mornings in our pretty chapel.) I’m not usually awake at 6am, but it’s an odd night when I’m not awake at 6pm (; Right now sadly is a grey sky which means no sunrise or sunset. I hate gloomy days 😦

I’m sorry for my lack of pictures! I can’t exactly come across them while I’m sitting at a work computer. All I can think about is how in 30 minutes I’m off work and off to Sammi’s house for a girls night! I can’t wait to be there with all my girl friends while we chit chat about life, boys, and maybe go out for dinner/ice cream. I feel so great right now. I was so fortunate to get this job, and that I have such a great boss who is willing to work with my availibility. These little happy moments are the times I enjoy most. I am going to hold onto this feeling for as long as I can.

Maybe it’s the dark chocolate almond butter I bought (; More on that in tomorrow morning’s post!

Have a great day lovlies<3



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2 responses to “>Sunrise=Sunset

  1. >Aww I love sunrises/sunsets they are beautiful 🙂

  2. runyogarepeat

    >Your job sounds awesome if you get to read blogs!

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