>Happy May Day

>Hey bloggies! I hope your first day of May has gotten off to a good start (; I had some delicious oatmeal this morning so I know mine has!

Raisins, Banana, and PB (:

Have you ever had a day where you don’t really want any meals, you just want snacks? All day? That was yesterday for me. I was craving little snacks and food! I wasn’t hungry enough to want anything big, just a handful of trail mix here and there. Here are the highlights of what I stuffed my face with  ate…

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus to the rescue!

It was more like three handfuls of trail mix…
and a yogurt-covered raisin snuck in (;

A new twist on ants on a log!
I do love me some good snacking (; After spending all day on my computer (with a little yoga mixed in) I went over to Adam’s for his birthday cake celebration! I am trying to tune into how my body feels after I eat certain things, and after the artificial sugar frosting on the cake, I felt so sick. It gave me stomach cramps later :[ I definitely will be avoiding that kind of frosting from now on. The cake was very moist and delicious though!

I was hungry later so my wonderful boyfriend made me a grilled cheese…

Rocking the Lion King plate.

We decided to do part IV of his birthday present yesterday as well… Grapefruit Yogurt Cake! Huzzah! (You can find the recipe we used here.)

Getting it all together…

Cheese grater = very efficient for getting zest!

Lookin’ good (;

 We encountered the problem of having no juicer, but we needed the juice for the glaze and syrup… so I came up with the idea of just squishing this spoon against the grapefruit…

I am a genius. 

 We poked holes in it with a fork to allow the syrup to soak in, then after letting it sit for a few minutes, we poured the glaze on top! We ended up with a lot of glaze, so it kind of gathered around the border of the pan.. no biggie though!

It doesn’t look super wonderful…

…but it tasted amazing!

It was so moist and not too tart! You can definitely taste the grapefruit without it being too overpowering. (I’m not a huge grapefruit buff like Adam.) I think this recipe would be amazing if you used strawberries instead! I really want to go to an event where I have to bring something, because I have this recipe (with strawberries) as well as a peanut butter chocolate cupcake recipe I found! I am so ready to shake and bake.

While I have my baking down, as well as breakfast, I can’t make dinner foods to save my life. I know I need to pick up some couscous, but other than that I’m a little clueless as to what people eat for dinner! I need easy recipes as I get my feet wet in this whole cooking thing.

I have read through some blogs this morning (my new favorite breakfast routine! so much better than mindless television), and a lot of people have posted some goals for the month of May. I really like this idea, and I think making tangible goals is one way I can learn to stick with them. I always make goals in my head, then it’s the end of the month and I wonder what happened! So here are some of my goals…

Makeover May!

  • Learning to eat intuitively. I am a big anxiety eater, as well as whenever I’m bored and there are snacks readily available. I often clear my plate and feel absolutely stuffed. I can’t not eat what is put in front of me, so I have often ignored my tummy’s shouts of, “Stop please! I’m so full!” I would like to avoid that overly-stuffed feeling that makes me feel like throwing up because I feel sick 😦
  • Varying my exercise routine. I tend to get stuck in exercise ruts and I feel no freedom in what I do. I want to learn how to enjoy getting my body movin’ and groovin’! I adore yoga, but I need cardio to get in shape. I want to strive for a healthy mix of everything (biking, running, ultimate frisbee, dance, DVDs, yoga…). I also would like to learn to control exercise guilt.
  • Doing my homework. I think I’ll be pretty good this summer with school homework, but I need to do my therapy homework. I tend to get sidetracked and I always say, “Oh, I’ll just do it tomorrow.” It’s been over a week and I have done very little of my relaxation exercises and anxiety-reducing exercises. I feel guilty about it. I really want to get better at this, because my parents are paying for my therapy and I know that I am the only one in charge of how quickly I can get better. I won’t get better if I don’t do my homework!
  • Learn to bargain shop. I am usually pretty good with my money, but sometimes I find myself splurging on something I totally need at this very moment only to find that I don’t wear it for weeks. It’s a problem! My family’s financial situation is not too hot right now (hooray for America’s economy right?) and gas is now at $4.20 a gallon where I live. 😦 Thus I am slowly making the transition from, “Mom can I have money to go out to dinner?” to using my own money for fun activities and only asking my parents for gas money. Thus, if I need to learn to spend money smartly. Especially if I need to save up $2400 in the next year to go to yoga school next summer!
  • Making time for myself. In the summer I often get into the go-go-go do-do-do attitude, and I want to find time to sit down, relax, and spend some time with me. Check in with myself. Where am I at? Where do I want to be? How can I improve my life from where it is right now? What can I do in the next week to make me happier?
I am printing this list out to put on the mirror in my room (; Let’s hope for a great month! It’s kicking off today as a day with Mom. We’re going to see Water for Elephants! 
Have a great day foodies<3
What is your favorite go-to snack?
What are some of your goals for May?


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4 responses to “>Happy May Day

  1. >HEY girl!! Firstly, you are SO GORGEOUS!! Seriously, I want your hair!!And your food looks SO YUMMY!! I think we must be food twins, especially since there's trail mix, hummus, nut butter, and cake involved:) They are TOTALLY my go-to snacks!!I LOVE your goals!! Making time for yourself is SO IMPORTANT, and I'm sure you'll achieve them all:)

  2. >LOVE your goalas girl!!! Your food looks so deliciousss yummmm!! I am a huge anxiety eater as well, I need to learn to listen to my body not my mind. I hope you stick to your goals 🙂 PS I love snacky days, I would much rather it than meals haha

  3. >Even I do prefer snacks more than proper lunch or dinner. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing.Take the test Your Health Quiz and find out how healthy you really are? I have taken the test and enjoyed a lot. Hope you too will enjoy it. Have Fun!!

  4. >i definitely love having snacks all day versus meals! :)you should ask your bf how he eats grapefruit plain? i keep trying, but i feel like it tastes like a chemical! lol…maybe its just my tastebuds. i want to like it though.love love love your goals. i am also an anxiety eater and eat everything that is put in front of me. i have been measuring out my food a lot lately and that has helped. also..it helps to take a walk after having a meal because than you dont feel as full & guilty. :)- Sharelle

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