>Becoming a foodie

>Hey everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been so absent this last week. I’ve been so busy!! I have not forgotten about all of you though, and I have some great foodie pictures for y’all! (;

So my mom bought me some mangoes (wow that has an e? weird! thank you spell check…) on sale and I wanted to combine that with some fresh cut pineapple (I cut my first whole pineapple!). It was a tropical explosion of deliciousness! 

So, so good.

Here’s what I put in my yummy smoothie…

  • A little under 1/4 of a pineapple, chopped
  • 1 peeled mango
  • 1 8oz package plain greek yogurt
  • 1/4c skim milk to get the blender going (;
  • Topped with some Yogi Strawberry Crunch Granola Crisps (these are my favorite!)
And there you have it! I currently don’t have protein powder or chia seeds, but those would also be in there if I did (; That’s my basic smoothie recipe! I also had this smoothie again the next day….
Two days in a row!
Y’all may not know this about me, but I have a cup of green tea every morning. This is without exception. I think I’ve been doing this for about… 2 years now! (Wow I didn’t realize it has been that long!) It is caffeinated, so it replaces coffee for me. Green tea has so many benefits, and it really helps kick start digestion of my delicious breakfasts! 

I ❤ tea.

I also had another yummy roasted red pepper hummus wrap….

I am seriously in love with this!

What I love most about this wrap is that it is so healthy, but so filling! The cheese helps with protein, the whole wheat wrap has grains, veggies are veggies, and the raisins are fruit! It’s definitely something I would pack in the morning for lunch on the go (;

Remember my hurricane of a room? Remember when you couldn’t see the floor? Well this is what I’ve been doing the last couple days…

Ta- da!

It took so long but I managed to completely take care of everything! I even reorganized and cleaned my entire room in the process (; I feel so accomplished!

Yesterday I officially got hired for my summer tutoring job at the local community college! Yippee! I will be tutoring up to Calc-III (: I’m so excited to have such a great job for the summer. And my summer classes don’t start until May 25th. So I get 3 weeks of legitimate summer before my summer classes even begin! (: After paperwork, I went to visit the lovely Sammi! I knew I would be hungry, so earlier that morning I packed a yummy salad… (another repeat recipe, sorry (; ) 

Strawberries, Spinach, Pineapple, raisins, dried cranberries, cottage cheese…
…and I remembered the sliced almonds this time!

Yesterday was Adam’s birthday! My boyfriend is no longer a teenager… he turned the big 2-oh! Crazy, eh? Sadly, he had to work for most of the day, but then he came over to my house! We had a nice relaxing evening full of the Office and other random television shows. I also gave him phase 3 of his present! You see, I did 4 phases…
  1. Tuesday: Drop off a miniature key lime pie from the cupcake station before he goes to work. (Did I mention he’s obsessed with Key Lime Pie? We ate a piece every night in Florida!)
  2. Thursday: Surprise with 4 Izze Grapefruit Soda drinks. He <3’s grapefruit.
  3. Friday (Birthday!): Give Michigan State sweatpants (since I stole his only pair of sweats about 1&1/2yrs ago). He needs these to wear during business school next year!
  4. It’s a secret for next week! He reads this, so I guess y’all will have to wait to find out! (;
I really care about this boy and I wanted to make his birthday special (; After dinner last night, we were craving something sweet for dessert. So I  we decided to whip up some chocolate strawberry smoothies!
Sadly it was 11pm and there was no natural lighting…
…the pictures don’t do the smoothie justice!
This was delish!


  • 1/2 package of strawberries, chopped
  • hot chocolate mix packet (we have no cocoa! so I improvised)
  • 1 8oz strawberry greek yogurt + a few spoonfuls of plain
  • 1/4c skim milk to get the blender going
  • Topped with Yogi Strawberry Granola Crisps & shredded coconut (sweetened)
The best part of this smoothie was the very first bite. The worst part was the last bite 😦 I will definitely be making this again soon! I was still hungry again later, so I munched on some trail mix as we said Goodbye to Michael Scott. (Probably the saddest episode ever. That show will never be the same!)
This morning I woke up ready to make my first bowl of oats ever! It was an adventure! (; I’m basically out of all my fruit, so I knew smoothies weren’t an option. Which was actually great because I’ve been looking forward to making my own oats the last few weeks!
I followed Fit Foodie Lee’s Stove Top Tutorial on how to make this amazing bowl of oats. 

Cooking oats!

I was a little worried they would be watery at this point, but I stayed faithful and followed the recipe…

Holy Oats!

 This was like heaven in a bowl. I devoured this so fast (after an extra bloob of PB was added… one spoonful was not enough!). They were so so delicious. I didn’t have any oat bran though, so I just used all oats (: I also still need to hunt down chia seeds!

Now I want more oatmeal seeing these pictures!

I’m thinking Zumba for today’s workout? Yeah? Sounds like fun (; My mom and I are obsessed with Turbo Jam, P90X, and Zumba. Huzzah for workout DVD’s! I would love to do yoga outside on nice days if my house wasn’t surrounded by busy streets.

Fun Fact: My family owns a restaurant! It has a bar but it’s also a family restaurant in our little town. We’re struggling a bit in the economy, but we’re getting by. I would eat there more often, but it’s a lot of fried food :/ I do like to steal swiss cheese and other random things from there sometimes though (; (or flour or sugar since we don’t even have those at our house!)
So obviously I can’t just go in the front yard, otherwise my mom would have some very confused customers (and my privacy would be very invaded!). 
That’s about all I have for you today! Tonight we are doing cake for Adam’s birthday at his house. I can’t wait! I haven’t had cake in awhile (:
Have a good day fellow foodies! ❤
Does anyone know how to reply to comments on blogger? I do read them all I promise! (; Also, where in the word do I find chia seeds?! I need some of those little buggers!


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2 responses to “>Becoming a foodie

  1. >Hi Vivianne! I just came across your blog and read your about me and I think you're awesome. It's so great to see people like you who have struggled and are learning to pick yourself back up again and to live a healthy lifestyle. :)first off – can i come over for breakfast? haha looks good!you're so sweet for doing that for your boyfriend! aw.zumba is definitely a good choice for your workout. i also love work out dvds. I have all the Jillian Micheals ones, Bob Harper's, Insanity(haven't tried it yet!), and some jackie warner ones. I really really want turbofire!- Sharelle

  2. >Chai seeds are awesome, I get mine at Bulk Barn or a whole food store in my city!!! Jillian Michaels is awesome, I love all of her workout videos! You cannot respond too comments on blogspot.. I know it sucks, I wish I had a wordpress account!

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