>Hurricane Move-Out


Wow it feels like it has been ages since my last post. I have missed you all so much! These past fews days have been super hectic so prepare for a bumpy ride! (aka lots of pictures!!!)

I would like to first of all introduce you to the lucky math sweater…

Guys A&F sweater, on sale -fist pump-

I wore it for every math test in high school AP calc, and all my math exams this year. This was for my math final on Monday… also the retirement of the lucky math sweater! Hip hip hooray for my last math final ever ever ever! I couldn’t be happier to move onto my lovely bio classes ❤

The math sweater squeezed out it’s last bit of magic to get me a D+ on my final (so I didn’t technically fail!). Okay, so just so all of you know, I have been having a rough time with finals. I don’t want all of you to think I’m flunking out of school! Physics and math had nice curves which made it so I did not get D’s in the classes. It’s one of those stupid things where everyone fails the exams and ends up with B’s… I don’t understand it but my grades turned out all right so I’m moving on with my life… and onto my better biology major pathway (;
After my math final, I had lunch the cafeteria with my dad, brother, and mom. It was fun, but I was in a pretty bad mood from the exam. Luckily I have a very supportive family who thinks the world of me (:
Then.. it was the move out. Awful, time-consuming, and it just about gave my dad a heart attack. We managed to squeeze everything into the explorer and my dad’s car, as long as nobody touched anything and sacrificed some leg room… Yes I’m a pack rat, don’t judge. (; Here are the sad photos of my used-to-be-living-space…

This is the most depressing picture.
Tv, microwave, fridge, cabinet… all gone.

Boo! I miss my college friends already. (Shout-out to Joe, Elizabeth, Kayla, Joanna (+Nick? He doesn’t read this…), and Kara!) It’s weird being home. It doesn’t feel like summer yet. I guess I shouldn’t get too used to it with my summer classes coming up. I also start work (math tutoring) next week! 😮

So of course all of that stuff from my dorm had to go somewhere…


I’ve been unpacking for the last two days and I’m still not done! I’m almost there though. One more solid night of unpacking (Saturday..?) and I will be finished. (: I’m also reorganizing my room in the process which is just slowing the unpacking…

As soon as I got home Monday, I wanted needed to make banana bread. I was craving some really badly! I whipped out all the measuring cups and got down to business (to defeat the Huns..?)!

I blend my bananas because my arm gets sore after mixing.
I’m a wimp  I’m working on my arm muscles.

There’s no eggs in the recipe, so I had to sample the batter…


Side shot (;

It was so good. Not as moist as I like my banana bread, but still delish!

I used the recipe from The Daily Garnish. Unfortunately I do not have peanut flour so I just used two cups regular flour 😦 I did use applesauce though! No nutmeg, but you can definitely taste a hint of cinnamon, yum! I really want to get some peanut flour.. I’m obsessed with peanut butter so I can’t imagine anything better! 

Any suggestions for how to make super moist banana bread? (;
After that snack I went back to unpacking… Lady Gaga Style.
I do, in fact, want your bad romance.

And quite possibly your revenge as well.
Still rockin’ the sweater. Go me.
The next morning was my first smoothie adventure of the summer! AHHHH!!!! It made me so happy (: My mom bought some on sale mangos so I tried Mango Banana…
It was super tasty!

Definitely a success for the first smoothie. I didn’t do exact measurements, but I’ll keep track next time! (;

I also was selfish and took some pictures of me all dressed up…

Silly faces are always a must.

Unfortunately I was dressed up for the visitation of my great-grandmother. She passed away last week. She lived to be 95 years old!! She was an amazing woman and she’s with the angels now without any suffering ❤ After I got home, I was starving after munching on cheese & crackers all day… plus this yummy snack!

Thumbs up. (;

I am super proud of these next few pictures, okay? Okay. This are my first real food shots (; I don’t have a super wonderful photography camera, but it is a touch screen Sony I got for my birthday 3 years ago (: I also have no idea how to add effects, so bear with me on quality. 

My mom went super shopping for me as a welcome home present and stocked the fridge with all kinds of healthy veggies and fruit. Can you say best mom ever ?! So I was craving a wrap last night for dinner since I never got a real lunch…
I had to make this picture obnoxiously large because I am so proud of it.
Whole wheat tortilla, roasted red pepper hummus, cucumber, carrots, cheese, and raisins.

It fell apart really quickly because I didn’t use enough hummus,
but it was sooo good.
So that was my first real adventure at home making something healthy! It was pretty painless, and delicious! I topped off the night with more unpacking…
Never used that trash can because they gave us one in the dorm!
AKA it’s now a hat (;
My cat also wanted to knock over my shoes in my closet  help out…
Luna tuna what are you doing? Silly kitty.
Today, I tried out my first Green Monster!! It was okay, but the spinach didn’t really get fully blended… any ideas how to fix that would be wonderful!
Almost an entire package of strawberries, 1 cup spinach, two bananas, 2/3 cup milk, one 8 oz greek yogurt…
ta da! 
Turns out this blender was broken so I had to switch to the smaller one….
Finished product!

My dad ate some too (; Although he complained that he could taste the spinach. Psh. It was a little runnier than I wanted, too much milk. I also wanted to buy some Xanthan gum because I heard that thickens it right up!

Today was the funeral so I dressed up again….
There was a lunch after the mass (it was very beautiful) and I tried to be balanced…
Green beens, mashed potatoes, spatzel noodles, side salad, and bread!
It was a big meal but I got hungry later, so not enough real food 😦
We also got a nice family picture at the reception….
I prefer natural lighting in pictures 😦
We didn’t get home until pretty late, and after a 45-min P90X cardio workout, I was so ready for dinner! I decided on a salad… (more proud foodie pictures…)
Spinach, strawberries, pineapple, cottage cheese, dried cranberries, and raisins.
I meant to add sliced almonds but I forgot because it looked so good already! (;

This picture makes me want it again. Right now.

It was amazing. I was so proud of my new salad-making skills! Go Viv! Y’all have to realize I have no experience with cooking or making or baking anything! So this whole summer is a giant experiment for me (;

Whew! Long post. I hope you enjoyed it (; I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow, and I get to visit the beautiful Sammi, hooray! I have missed my friends from home so much. Too bad now I have to sit around and wait for the rest of them to get home!
Goodnight bloggies, I wish you all well ❤



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3 responses to “>Hurricane Move-Out

  1. >Your salad looks delicious, well all of your food does 😉 Banana bread is my all time favourite and banana muffins, because they are always so moist!

  2. >Ooh I just made some banana bread..hopefully it'll turn out as nice as that one!Sorry to hear about your grandmother…that's a great age though!I'm so jealous that you're on your summer holiday! I don't get mine till AUGUST! booooo!!

  3. >ah! we have the same drinking jars at my parent's house! congrats on school being over; so exciting :)I have no idea how you packed everything into the car; I always make like five trips

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