>How NOT to study for finals

>Hey hey hey! (; So as you may or may not know, I have a math final tomorrow morning. So I would like to share with you all how not to prepare for that big final/paper/whatever you have coming up, so that you can all ultimately succeed. (: Oh & Happy Easter to those who celebrate. He is risen!

  1. Do not spend all your time looking at Food Blogs.
  2. Do not stalk every friend you’ve ever had waste all your time on facebook.

  3. Do not go out for late night milkshake/smoothie runs at midnight when you should be studying…
    Banana PB all the way.
    Banana PB… with chocolate chips.
  4. Do not allow yourself to get hung up on bad exam grades, always focus on what’s coming next instead.
    Physics šŸ˜¦
  5. Do not spend time experimenting with different funny faces with your webcam….

  6. Do not spend obscene amounts of money on good  great  the best sushi…


    ā¤ Avocado & Eel.

    Shrimp Tempura = Fried Heaven.
  7. Don’t get too crazy at the late night exam ice cream social….
  9. PB, one scoop chocolate, one vanilla, & trail mix. Delish.
    Jelly Bean hat!?!?!
    Close up..
  10. Spend 10 minutes trying to figure out why your numbers got messed up on your blog post then decide it’s not worth obsessing over and move on to the next number.
  11. Spend over a half hour scrolling through your obscenely long recipes word document you’ve been working on for a month meticulously picking out random ingredients you need to buy in the next few days to make everything in the document this summer.
  12. Work on a blog post about how to not study for finals when you have a final in 12 hours.
  13. Lay outside in the beautiful weather attempting to absorb math notes through osmosis…
    Oh hey there, I’m so studious…
     (I read through every tweet on glanced at twitter after this photo was taken.)
I hope you enjoyed how to not study for finals and now you will all be way more successful than me (;
Okay… now I really might go study some gradients (:
What’s your favorite procrastination technique?


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4 responses to “>How NOT to study for finals

  1. >haha I enjoyed your post ALOT! Whenever I procrastinate I always find myself it the kitchen, usually baking… it soothes everything haha ! Goodluck in your final girl šŸ™‚

  2. >Guilty of the looking at food-blogs method of procrastination!I've decided to take my studying outside- sans laptop & tv as a distraction! It works! Until the weather goes bad…Spending money on sushi is totally allowed- cos it's SO GOOD!Hope everything goes well in your exam! x

  3. >hahaha I love this post! I'm guilty of all of those. I'm one of the biggest procrastinators in the world! I'm supposed to be doing work now and I'm reading blogs instead šŸ˜› Facebook is a little devil as well..

  4. >Oh, Viv, your posts make me laugh. Seeing all these pictures of you guys makes me wish I hadn't come home so early! You guys look like you've had a lot of fun in the last few days. I've definitely been guilty of some procrastination while at home, but, whatever, it keeps us crazies sane. Actually, I should be studying bio for my final tomorrow, but I'm reading your blog instead haha. Have a wonderful time at home.Miss you already,Joe

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