>Six Miles Happier


So remember the other day when I was upset about the winter storm warning?…….
Good thing I didn’t take my winter coat home yet.

 We had about 2 inches of snow on the ground by noon. It was so sad!

I thought I was back in February… it’s spring?

 I was so upset about the grey skies and white ground. Luckily it melted within a day otherwise I wouldn’t have left my dorm without throwing a fit, kicking and screaming. (Yes I am that upset about my sun being taken away. Don’t judge.)

To remedy my bad mood I decided it was time for a Larabar… Carrot cake came out of my variety box today! (:

Sorry it’s sideways!

 That was Monday. Unfortunately it was relatively uneventful due to the absence of my usual ballet class. It’s only been a week and I already miss you so much 😦 Oh, and we also celebrated Matt’s birthday! He’s been a good friend of mine this year and we (mostly my friend Kara) got him a cookie cake! It was sooo good. I literally couldn’t stop eating it. I told my friends to stop me but they didn’t. I have trouble with the whole moderation thing sometimes… I ended up eating about a paper plate full by myself. I felt super sick afterwards but it was just so tasty!

This is a picture from yesterday morning, my last day of classes of my freshman year… So sad 😦

It was a sad day but I was so happy to be done with classes!

 In keeping with the whole I-can’t-stop-eating-treats thing, my French teacher brought us doughnuts in our morning class. Nobody was eating them so of course, I took it upon myself to eat them so that she didn’t feel bad for buying them for our class. She kept saying “Mange, mange!” (Eat, eat!) I felt so bad that nobody was eating them that it became my responsibility to eat them. Logical? Nope. Maybe I earned brownie points for consuming so many. (Although my stomach sure didn’t feel well after the cookie cake debacle the night before, and this wasn’t helping to cleanse my system.)

In physics, my teacher brought “refreshments” a.k.a. liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Mixing the ingredients.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever had the stuff, but it’s basically just cream and lots & lots of sugar. So it’s incredibly sweet. The liquid nitrogen just freezes it very quickly. (You have to wear gloves when mixing, otherwise it burns. Ouch!)

I added some chocolate syrup on the side (;

Like I said, I’m addicted to sweets, so of course I went up for seconds. Nobody else was eating the ice cream and I felt so bad for my teacher because she kept saying “There’s more ice cream for everyone.” So again, I took it upon myself to eat more of the ice cream. Did it make her feel better? I’m not sure, but again, maybe I earned some brownie (ice cream) points. 

At work I had the worst sugar crash of my life. I thought I was going to fall over because I was so tired! After work, I had my last therapy session before summer. We are taking a three week break to see how I work with the exercises and everything on my own. I really need to hunker down and make sure I do my daily activities! Each one is one step closer to getting better (:
Although I felt like doing anything but going to the gym (sleep?!) I went anyways. I woke up yesterday with the notion that I was going to run six miles. Now I haven’t run more than 4 miles in a year & a half. I haven’t done it since cross country my senior year! So when I said that goal, I assumed I would hit 4 and feel accomplished. (Do you ever do that? Set a ridiculously high goal knowing you won’t make it, and in the process you reach your actual goal?)
Well turns out, I can do it. I can run six miles. I just about threw a party. Then I thought of sweets and wanted to puke. So instead I just fist pumped a few times and grinned (;

You have to add 0.5 miles & 5 minutes
(I ran on a crappy treadmill then hopped on this one)

 I actually forgot to move my stuff from the other treadmill so I had some random girl do it for me while I was running (:


To adequately fuel myself after my run, I made my favorite fruit salad with cottage cheese on the side (;

Bananas, honeydew, grapes, pineapple, and apple (;

I also had two boiled eggs on the side for some protein. Later, while watching Glee(!!!!), I ate some trail mix with chocolate covered raisins to satisfy my sweet tooth (;

This morning I had work at 7:15am! Which was quite awful considering I fell asleep around 1am last night 😦 I grabbed a banana and Larabar for some fuel…

Banana bread with a banana on the side?!

After work I grabbed an apple and ran to yoga. It was one of my favorite teachers and we exchanged emails. She said she could help answer any questions I have about getting my 200hr certification, or just about life in general (:

Yoga brought on my real hunger so I had the biggest bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch in the dining hall. It hit the spot and satisfied my raisin craving! (I was going to have Chobani yogurt with raisins this morning, but the one I opened had a hole in the top and had spoiled… Bleh!)
Now I’m off to take a walk with my friends, Joe & Kayla, around AA! (: We’re going to this great deli place for lunch. 
Have you ever tried to eat something that spoiled? Did you know it was bad before you tasted it?
P.S. Did you see my guest post @ Peanut Butter and Jenny? If not, you should definitely check it out! (;
Have a great day! ❀



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4 responses to “>Six Miles Happier

  1. >Oh my gosh congrats on the 6 miles! It's amazing what your body can accomplish hey?!Speaking of food that had spoiled, one day last week I thought my yogurt tasted funky…turns out it was 2 weeks out of date…I should have really checked the date after rescuing it from the very back of the fridge! Needless to say, I didn't finish it!Loving your blog btw πŸ˜€

  2. >ughh i need to get myself to the gym! I haven't been in literally months… it's always the first time that's the toughest πŸ˜‰ but i've been super busy too so it's not entirely just laziness. congrats ont eh 6 miles though! th emost i've ever run in one go is 7 miles and that was last summer, kind of randomly (i'd been running some but not thaaat regularly, idk). right now i'd be happy with 3 haha… or just getting on teh damn treadmill ;)i've always wanted to try the carrot cake larabar! is it delicious liek I'd imagine it to be?also you are adorable πŸ™‚ so pretty!<3n

  3. >Cute blog!! Did you mean cashew cookie? I just see the picture, so didn't know. I would love to try a carrot cake one though!

  4. >YUMMMMMMMMMMY BAR! haha And i totally agree with chocolate sauce on the side

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