>Let it snow!… in April?

>So as my semester starts to draw to a close, I wanted to make sure I enjoyed one of my last weekends here in AA. It’s so sad that I’m leaving because I love this town & all of my friends here. ): On the other hand, it means summer is so close! Ahhh! (:

Speaking of summer, there’s a winter storm warning. Yup, you heard me correctly. A winter storm warning. In case you didn’t know, it’s April 17th. Mid-April. Why is there snow? Because long ago Michigan did something to piss of mother nature and now she has a vendetta against my state. Pourquoi Michigan? Pourquoi?

Aside from the fact that the weather is supposed to be awful all week (boo), I am looking forward to having some time to actually prepare for my finals. I just hope I can actually prepare for them, AKA not spend all of my time on twitter, facebook, and doing everything else but studying. (This often happens.) Come on, Viv! Pull it together!

So this weekend was filled with some good eats, good friends, and great memories (: ……
First, I had to kick off my weekend with my usual PB, raisin, & banana oatmeal. Nothing better right??

 I had the munchies later so I scoped out a new flavor out of my variety pack….

Two thumbs up! I love nutty flavors.
I was in a great mood on Friday because my biology summer class got approved, so it will transfer back to the University! This was a big deal because….
  • I got a summer job tutoring at the community college. (You need to take 6 credits to work.)
  • I am saving my parents over $2000 by taking a class this summer versus being forced to take a spring class here at my University next year.
  • I will now be able to finish my prerequisites for my major and declare at the end of sophomore year.
  • I needed to get all my prereq’s out of the way because I need to take Human Physiology as an extra class either junior or senior year because while it’s not required for my major, it’s required for grad school.
  • I now have next summer open to possibly earn my 200hr yoga certification.
  • I get to take classes with my bio-tastic friend, Joe, who can help me (;
So obviously there were a lot of things riding on this. I was ecstatic when I heard that it would work out!
While you all have met Joe, I wanted to throw out there that he wants to become a doctor. We are bio-major buddies (: Although after seeing this masterpiece he drew during one of his classes, I personally think he should seriously consider switching to the school of art & design.
Pretty mind-blowing, eh?

On Saturday, Kayla, Joe, and I took a trip to Yogurt Rush. Amazing froyo & a HUGE topping bar. (Speaking of which, I’ll have to get a picture of that for you in all its glory.) On our way back, I realized that Kayla & I matched!

OMG opposite twins!
There was also a face off in a random room we found the boardroom.
versus Joe
You’re fired! (Just kidding. I don’t have that kind of power.) The munchies never seem to stop on the weekend, so I grabbed another Larabar….
I wouldn’t say coconut cream pie, but I definitely got the coconut taste (;
That night we went to Seva’s, this amazing vegetarian restaurant. (But I mean, I’m an herbivore, I could be biased.)
The amazing goat cheese wrap with grilled veggies that I ate
with side of grapes of course! It was super delicious.
Afterwards Joanna, Kayla, Joe, and I headed off to starbucks to study. Well, that was our original plan. Instead I ended up blogging, reading food blogs, researching yoga, and twittering. Joe, Kayla, and Joanna were sporkling (?… using sporkle?). It’s a fun little trivia/quiz website. It’s also apparently very addicting.
I ❤ blogging.
Fortunately I was able to use my birthday coupon for a free drink! No, you didn’t miss my birthday; it was in January in fact. I’m just really bad with coupons, and luckily not a lot of people look at expiration dates… (;
Chocolate Banana Vivanno smoothie = my favorite!

We were there until almost 1am! I felt so fulfilled and happy. I love spending time with friends doing fun things (: Finally I had fulfilled an expectation: coffee shop with best friends! (;

Today I took work off to meet with some of my friends from high school who also came to Umich. It was so wonderful seeing them all and hearing about their college lives! When I saw all of them it was weird to think that almost a year has gone by since we were walking around outside taking pictures in our caps & gowns… *sniffle*
We went to a place called Jerusalem Garden after attending the Palm Sunday mass at noon. The food was great for the price, but it was pretty small so we had to wait about 25 minutes for them to seat our group of 8 and it was still a bit too cozy. What’s a bit of personal space invasion between friends though, right?
I must have been really digging wraps this weekend…

Hummus and Falafel wrap. So good!
I pretty much let the rest of the day disappear somehow. I enjoyed a great impromptu skype date with Adam for awhile and then had dinner in the dining hall with friends. I did a little bit of French studying, and started this blog post!
Busy weekend, but very fun and relaxing. Unfortunately I must really start studying for finals. Those exams don’t take themselves you know! A great motivator is that I managed an A on my last psych exam! Thus, psych is over and done. I’m hoping for a good grade in the class! *crossed fingers*
To do well in classes, I need some well-deserved (or maybe just needed) sleep, especially if I have to get up and brave snow tomorrow. Goodnight everyone! (:


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2 responses to “>Let it snow!… in April?

  1. >oooh that froyo place sounds great!! I did the same thing with my birthday coupon!! My birthday is in November but I used mine in March. I tore it and scratched it such that they couldn't see the expiration date 🙂

  2. >Hey Vivianne, I just ran across your blog and was shocked by the Seva restaurant. And then shocked that you go to U-M.I am a fellow blogger/U-M student and I would love to meet up sometime soon (or next fall since finals have unfortunately fallen upon us…).Happy studying!Sam

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