>"The woman reading this right now is beautiful"


I’ll start with my day-to-day journey before I get all serious on you tonight (; 
Here’s a snack I had yesterday…
I found Chobani at the Union mini-store!
Pineapple with raisins = delicious!

 I also cracked open my variety pack again…

A yummy snack to help me get through my last physics lab this semester! (;

 Also, a friend was hanging outside my dorm yesterday when I went to class…

The bagel squirrel came to visit!
(Maybe he heard about my conversation with his friend the other day?)

 Today I had part of my French exam (blah listening…) and my psychology exam. So today was a very busy, stressful day. Luckily I saw this in the bathroom in-between exams…

I’ve never seen operation beautiful in action. This made my day!

As I was walking back to my dorm from my psych exam, I found a Degree Men truck out on the side of the road. There was a computer game on the side! You were a hockey goalie and had to block the puck with your hands. My friend, Mike, and I played and got these cool masks! (He also got free samples, but I don’t know what I would do with men’s deodorant..)

RAWR! Try to get one past me!

 Tonight was the celebration “Last Supper” semester dealio in the cafeteria. There was a lot of fried food which hurts my stomach, but I did find this lovely deformed carrot….

It’s giving birth…?

 As some of you know, I want to become a dancer…really bad. So of course when I heard the ballet/contemporary dance company here on campus was having their spring show, I had to go. I must say, it was amazing! They had a pointe performance to a mash-up of Lady Gaga, and a guest appearance by Michigan Rhythm, a tap group who danced to Bulletproof by La Roux and F* You by Cee Lo Greene. Sounds awesome, right? It was!

Of course now I want to be a dancer even more.
I also spent some more time outside yesterday with Kayla and Joe (: Tonight I got Yogurt Rush with them as well! Nothing is better than vanilla tart froyo with beaucoup de fruits, nuts, chocolate covered raisins, & coconut! (;
Now onto a more serious topic….

Life is not easy. Everyone struggles. Right now I’m facing some inner struggles of my own. I have demons that are screaming at me and trying to get out to mess up my life and my peace. 

Sometimes, I don’t have the strength to fight them off. I let them whisper bad things in my ears when I look in the mirror. I allow them to tear me down when I get back my grades. I give in, and I feel hopeless.

Other times, I do have the strength to fight them. I pick up my sword and shield (I wish.. wouldn’t that be sweet?) and take to the battlefield. It’s a hard and long fight, but I come out victorious. And you know what?….It’s worth it every time.

It’s incredibly difficult to always be strong; that’s why we have friends and family. They give us comfort and acceptance when we can no longer be strong. When that sword and shield get too heavy to bear, when we’re overwhelmed by our demons. That’s when we tag-team, and we get help. I used to refuse help thinking I could handle things on my own. College has taught me otherwise. Getting help does not mean you aren’t strong; in fact, getting help makes you stronger

I consider myself incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so many people who care about me. I have friends at home, school, and a loving family who would fight forever to save me. Lastly, I also have my boyfriend. I can’t express on a blog how in love I am with Adam. (: He’s on my mind every day, and he’s truly a blessing from God. God gave me Adam to take care of me, and to catch me when I fall. Tonight, I fell. I tripped and stumbled around yesterday and tonight I crashed to the ground. Everyone has rough days where nothing seems to go right! First you spill your coffee, then you lose your car keys, then you are late to work… it’s a downward spiral, no? To boot, it’s often impossible to escape. 

Sometimes we all just need to take a time out to escape. We just need to do something different to mix it up. To step outside ourselves and our routines. Luckily tomorrow is Friday (finally) and I can’t wait to see what new things life has to offer me.

Today I was asked about my spirituality by a few girls taking a survey of students. I describe myself as a wanderer, a searcher. I hadn’t really ever identified myself that way before; however it struck a chord when I said it. I am searching. I’m searching for the perfect cup of tea. I’m searching for happiness. I’m searching for a school to train me in yoga. I’m searching for God in my life and in my heart. I’m searching for Jesus. I’m searching. I will always be searching. My life is going to be spent wandering. I truly believe that because life is a journey not a destination. There are always ups, downs, and all arounds! I can only hope that when I am down, I will wander into an up next. For me, I wander with God as my light. For you, you may have a different light. We all are wanderers, we all are searching. What are you searching for??


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