>The Little Red Shoes Adventure


**warning, this post has a lot of pictures!** (:

Wow! I don’t know what the weather was like for you, but yesterday was a taste of summer here in Michigan. It was eighty. Yes, I said it. EIGHTY. Unfortunately it’s cooled off since then and we won’t get weather again like that for awhile, but that’s beside the point! It was warm and sunny yesterday, so I decided to take a break from the work and the academics for awhile to treat myself to a walk. Since it was so nice, I decided to pull out my little red shoes.

I have had many wonderful adventures with these shoes on, so when I decided to take an adventure downtown, of course these were the shoes I wore (: Hooray for being a tourist in your own town!
I fueled up with a snack before I left! (;
First, these are some pictures I took of campus…
A lot of people were outside yesterday (:

This building has such cool architecture!

A cool graffiti’d alleyway I found.

Look how happy I am to start my adventure! (:

I really want to see Jane Eyre…. (This is the State Theater!)
This is the Michigan theater (Aptly named I’d say).
Mary Sue Coleman is the president of our University (;
Staying hydrated is important!
A giant mural!
I LOVE TEA! 😮 This little store was so neat (:
Cranberry apple iced tea… Yum! (Sorry about the weird face..)
The Michigan Difference (:
Who’s that foodie?! (;
Kerrytown has a lot of shops and cool food places!
This was like a mini-Whole Foods!
(Too bad I just bought a bunch of Vera Bradley stuff & I’m broke!)
One of my favorite places to eat… I ❤ my veggies!

 Phew! In all I spent 2 & 1/2 hours walking around. I bought some cute Vera Bradley stuff even after I ordered some online last night. I basically spent a month of my paychecks 😦 But I needed it! …. Okay wanted it. At least it’s stuff I’ll use!

I came back to a nice dinner with friends and a chill night of homework. Even though I have bombarded you with pictures, I would like to send out even more! I wish I had a nicer camera to take pictures, but it seems that you will just have to suffer through my iPhone and Cybershot. (Oh and my awkward photography skills) These are some other random pictures from the weekend….

Bloggies, meet the Bagel Squirrel! He’s my friend (;
Yummy instant cinnamon oatmeal on a Saturday morning (:

Chocolate covered-cheesecake bar, YUM! (Courtesy of Adam)
PB Chocolate cupcake… Irresistible! (This is mine)
Finally a picture of today! This was my delicious lunch.
I was craving Ants on a Log!

I am getting better at this whole remembering-to-take-pictures thing! (: Also, I learned how to add captions in this post! Hooray! Unfortunately I must study for my psychology exam now. Ta ta!

P.S. Today a bloggie I follow opened up about her past struggles with an eating disorder. She is so strong and shows that there is hope. Read more here: Moves ‘n’ Munchies.


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  1. >you are so cute! i'm love love loving your blog 🙂 ❤ and your cute story with adam 😉 <3n

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