>Take a Leap

> Today has been a very, very long day! It, however, has been a much happier day than yesterday. Unfortunately yesterday was one of my rough days 😦 I felt sluggish all day and couldn’t shake this dark cloud looming over my head. Luckily I had therapy yesterday and that helped a little bit. So did dinner with my friend, Julia πŸ™‚ Today has been a much better day. It started with a sign I saw in the staircase on my way to math…

How hopeful πŸ™‚
It was nice to get a little reminder of my faith in the morning. A reminder that this is all so much bigger than me anyways. A quote I stumbled upon the other day reads, “Remember at all times that being a student is what you do, not who you are.” This is so true, and I feel like a lot of people forget that sometimes. We all get so wrapped up in this moment. I am especially guilty of this… I end up putting all of my self-worth into one exam, one paper, one grade… In fact, I am much more than that one exam, one paper, or one grade. I am more than my GPA, I am more than where I go to school, I am more than what anyone tells me I am. I am who I am. And gosh darnit, my job is to be the best me I can be! It’s this kind of encouragement I tell myself as I continue to prepare for my physics exam tomorrow night.
Usually my mood fluctuates with the weather pretty well. Sun brings me happiness and rain brings me either sadness or contemplativeness. Today, I just wanted to jump in the puddles!

                         I want to be her.                   I love the raindrops on tree branches!!

In fact, the weather today is how I felt yesterday. I am thinking I might take a big leap into a puddle on my way to yoga tonight πŸ™‚ (or maybe not because I don’t have the appropriate rain gear… we will see)

I am obsessed with peanut butter. I put it on everything. If I can’t put it on something, I add something to my meal that includes it πŸ˜€ It’s so addictive! I was craving it this morning, so I had a yummy bagel with PB and raisins on top. Two hard-boiled eggs and some fruit accompanied my masterpiece. When lunch came around, I scanned the entrΓ©es in the dining hall, and nothing suited my taste buds… So what did I make…?

This looks mighty familiar…

Yes. I made basically the same meal that I had for breakfast πŸ™‚ Doesn’t it look so tasty though? How could anyone (especially my PB obsessed self) resist?! There was some other stuff on the side too.
Of course as I’m blogging I’m finishing up the rest of the banana bread that Adam and I made. Home-baked deliciousness just makes me wish it was summer right now. I want to make and bake new foods ASAP!
I should probably study physics for a little bit before yoga. Breathe. That’s one word I need to keep in mind as my schedule goes haywire and finals approach. Instead of avoiding the puddles that life puts in my way, I have to take a little bit of a leap of faith: faith in God, faith in others, and faith in myself. So maybe I will jump in that puddle after all πŸ˜‰
I will close with the prayer that I am focusing on to help improve myself….

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