>So I’m back at college… studying :/ It’s unfortunate that I have a French test tomorrow, and a French oral exam Tuesday. So if I happen to slip into French.. just ignore it. (Like the time I was in Florida for break and someone yelled, “Go Blue!” at my boyfriend for wearing a Michigan shirt… how did I respond? “Oui!!” Yes, it happened. I moved on, but it’s still weird to me that French slips into my daily conversation sometimes.)

Last night I went to dinner with some friends at Applebees, which was nice. What wasn’t so nice was their lack of vegetarian options on the menu. I opted for a house salad (which was too plain) and tomato soup (which was delicious). After dinner, my boyfriend and I went to Wal-Mart (because nowhere else is open at midnight for grocery shopping) and picked up some items for our late night baking adventure.

Now let me explain our history with baking. We have tried to make “healthy” cookies that ended up being little rocks that could only be used as weapons. Next we attempted “healthy” scones. They also didn’t work out… coated in powdered sugar they still tasted like cardboard. We do have one success though: healthy blueberry cheesecake. Cheesecake is relatively easy to make as a healthy treat (it is still a dessert, just not as fattening as usual). We used fat-free Philidelphia cheesecake and some good blueberry pie filling and it worked out deliciously!!!

So I was a little nervous about our next undertaking: oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies. We picked up some missing ingredients from the store and went to work! (My boyfriend chose the reverse oreos: chocolate filling and vanilla cookie.)

Being the oblivious bakers that we are, we followed the chocolate chip recipe on the chocolate chip bag 🙂

Stirring the dough is really fun for me at first because I’m obsessed with cookie dough, but after awhile my hand really started to hurt! (I may have sneaked some dough samples to make myself feel better…)

Look how much happier I am now 🙂

We forgot to coat one pan with cooking spray, but Adam is a quick-thinker and we managed to get the few cookies off of that pan and transferred to the other successfully. We didn’t want to use more than two pans, so we ended up with some pretty monstrous cookies.
These are uncooked!
We popped them in the oven and even though they could have been taken out a little earlier, they turned out great!
Bon appetit!

So we were successful!They tasted amazing, but I definitely couldn’t eat more than one! Nothing like warm, oreo-stuffed cookies at one in the morning with someone you love 🙂
This morning I woke up in my bed which is the greatest feeling. I tried to make the most of having a kitchen and made myself another smoothie, blueberry this time!
I can’t live without my morning cup of tea!

There was 1/2 a PB bagel there too but I woke up so hungry, I just gobbled it right down! The smoothie was good, but again I didn’t have any ice :/ I also was left wanting more flavor. Next time I will hopefully have a big variety of berries to put in the blender!
I worked on my Psychology paper for about 2 1/2 hours and I did P90X cardio (that really kicked my butt today!). So I was hungry for lunch and made a sweet potato in the microwave.
A side of greek yogurt & walnuts and PB? C’est parfait!

I won’t deny it, I failed cooking the first sweet potato. I left it in the microwave too long and it was dried out and tough :/ This one was much better 🙂
Unfortunately my French study materials are calling my name (it’s more like shouting….) so I should probably do that to get to bed at a decent time tonight. Je suis trés fatiguée. Au revoir!

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