>A Glimpse of Home

>This week has been an adventure for sure! I’ve been away, busy studying for my math midterm (and stalking many of my favorite food blogs!). Luckily my studying paid off with a B! (It’s calc III… I’ve never been so happy to get a B in my entire life.)

Twice this week we had our community bathroom flood…

Not what you want to see with an exploding bladder….

Luckily they cleaned it up quickly and the problem has been fixed. (I pee a lot so this was a big event for me this week…. I drink a lot of tea!)
I also came home this weekend! (Throw your hands in the air! Weeeeee!) 😀 I love being home. I know I need to make a life at college, but I’m only a freshman! Nothing beats seeing my cute kitty cat (Luna.. named after the cat on Sailor Moon. Yeah, it happened.) and seeing my mom and dad. My brother is pretty cool too, although he’s a 17-year old boy who’s just Mr. busy these days. He just finished his ACT and got his scores this week. 33! I’m so proud of my baby bro ;D He’s on his way to UMich hopefully just like big sis!
We still have Christmas lights up in my living room, which I’m sitting in as I type this. I love it. It’s perfect lighting at night, and I’m obsessed with Christmas so I love seeing them. Occasionally while I study I’ll flip on some instrumental xmas music to calm me down. It’s the best!
This morning I figured I would try to attempt my first smoothie with the blender. I have no idea how much I put in of anything. In hindsight, I probably should have kept track so I could improve the recipe… but I’ll work on it! It was supposed to be peanut butter chocolate banana. Yummy right?  Well it was pretty decent. Here’s the final product: 
Going along with my xmas theme….

The little black dots are chocolate chips chopped up. The banana part was delicious (bananas are some of my favorite fruit). Unfortunately, I added way too much peanut butter, and it ended up being too thick with that taste. The chocolate was nonexistent (any suggestions on how to fix that? I attempted chocolate chips and chocolate syrup…). I used greek yogurt for my base, but no ice (which was a mistake). It wasn’t very cold 😦 Don’t get me wrong, it was tasty, just far from perfect. Next time I’m going to go lighter on the peanut butter, and add some ice. I’m thinking chocolate protein powder is the whey to go 😉
I also did a 45 minute Zumba workout today! My momma bought the DVD series. (We are workout dvd junkies.) It was fun, but very hard! I’m still working on finding my rhythm. Thank goodness I was alone because my awkward movements were probably very unattractive. (Instead of belly dancing I looked like I was having a seizure in my hips. Meh.)
I love the feeling of home. I only have 4 more weeks before I can finally enjoy some summer. I am a beach bunny through and through (even though we have no beach near us). I live by the sun and love love love shorts! Warm weather really resonates within me 🙂 I am attempted to get a tutoring job (cross your fingers!) for the summer, and I applied to volunteer at the Humane Society near me. Animals are probably the cutest things ever. My obsession is probably going to get me attacked and infected with rabies someday, but until then I will continue to run up to and talk to whatever little critters I see.
I have two new interests: Larabars (only 3 ingredients and delicious!!) & Vitamin Water Zero.
I need to drink more water but I can’t just drink my H20. I need some flavor! So over the next few weeks I’m going to see what options I can hunt down.
College is so much work…
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…..


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