>Something about Friday

>I can’t exactly explain the “Finally Friday Feeling.” It’s somewhere between the sweet smell of fresh baked goods, and the feeling right after drinking a warm cup of tea by a fireplace. It starts out small when I wake up, and grows until hitting its peak mid-afternoon.
Friday to me is the glorious feeling that I have no class for the next few days. For tonight and tomorrow, I can have no responsibilities, no obligations. I still do homework usually, and I still take care of various errands; however, I do it all on my time without a schedule. I can relax a little bit and unwind from the overwhelming week. Unfortunately on Sunday my life jumps back on track at a racing speed (especially this Sunday because I have work and a midterm on Wednesday).
I only have 5 weeks left. That thought is what stands between me and insanity. It’s the only way I can push through the homework, the studying, the late nights, the midterms, and the overwhelming sense to give up. Oh, and Fridays help too.

In celebration of Friday today I spent some extra time at lunch making a super delicious fruit salad array. (This is probably what I would consider a comfort lunch, not in calories necessarily but as a lunch that brings me joy to eat and tastes like a treat!)
Nothing tastes better than than cottage cheese, a big plate of fruit, and peanut butter/raisin toast 🙂
(grapefruit, apple, clementine, grapes, pineapple, & melon)

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